PureVPN Christmas Deal

The holiday season is finally here, bringing with it the warmth of Christmas and the chills of a snowy New Year. And with the holiday season also come great discounts which make the season all the more special!

To get into the holiday spirit, PureVPN has once again come up with an exciting offer to make your season truly special. To celebrate the snowy season and to spread some warmth, PureVPN is offering the best Christmas discounts to its consumers.

PureVPN Annual Plan

We, at PureVPN, are well aware that with Christmas comes shopping, and with shopping comes exposure to dangerous malice on the internet.

Unless you are protected, you are vulnerable to threats from hackers and cybercriminals. For this reason, PureVPN has reduced its prices so users can browse the internet with complete safety and security. Plus, it is a well-known fact that the Holiday Season is also a streaming season. So, PureVPN will help you access your favorite content with ease and high speed.

For the holiday season, PureVPN is offering a custom Two-Year plan for $49 for our Christmas VPN deals.

Celebrate the holiday spirit with more security

With the holiday season and Christmas just around the corner, the internet has become a hot target for Christmas crooks, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to steal people’s identities and jeopardize their privacy online.

Your digital privacy is of immense importance, not just to you but for those evil agencies who sell your information or abuse it to earn an easy buck.

Ever Increasing Christmas Safety Risks

With the advancements in technology and the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), our very homes are adorned with advanced tech gadgets including appliances, children’s toys, Wi-Fi built-in TVs, remote controlled lights, and other home accessories.

The very tools used to make our lives easier could make us fall victim to cyber-attacks. Numerous gadgets include.

A recent study estimated that by 2020 there would be over 21 billion IoT connected devices. That begs the question: if this technology is designed to make our lives easier, why doesn’t it secure our privacy? Now, in theory, it most definitely should. However, in reality, that’s not the case.

When you buy tech, it has a default password or none at all. Moreover, the devices can get easily hacked through unsecured home Wi-Fi networks.

The advancements in tech and IoT have made cyber criminals progress as well. Hackers employ ingenious tools that can easily extract user information, highlighting the importance of the use of security tools to supplement your online privacy.

Be Cautious of Malware

With so much already going on during the Christmas season, we hardly have time to go through the terms and conditions of a product, which escalates the risk of your smart devices being affected by malware and used as a spyware without your knowledge.

Moreover, not all smart devices are ‘smart’ and normally have weak security standards.

Just recently, cheaply produced cameras, Christmas toy gadgets, high-tech Christmas toys, baby monitors and other devices were found to be the main culprits behind a major DDoS attack that took down leading websites such as Netflix, Twitter, and PayPal amongst various others. Such cases have long existed and are increasing day by day.

PureVPN keeps you safe while you surf the web!

PureVPN keeps you anonymous online by routing your IP to a different location. Moreover, you can jump over digital hurdles and avail discounts from other regions.

Since PureVPN encodes and tunnels all information before sending it through its 750+ servers in more than 141 countries, the hackers are not able to track and steal this information.

PureVPN uses robust encryption technologies along with internet protocols that enhance your online presence, keeping you safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

Recently, Kaspersky Labs’ David Emm said: “They’re in business because they can make use of our data.” This clearly means that apart from implementing the utilization of a VPN, one must be careful about the information they share online.

Avail PureVPN’s best VPN deals now and keep yourself safe online with extra savings!

And from us, have a happy Christmas and a safe New Year!



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