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You’ve finally settled on a VPN for reinforcing the security and privacy of your sensitive data. Well, a boatload of congratulations to you for making the right decision. Now, the second critical decision you need to take now is to decide whether to go for a free VPN trial or a paid VPN trial.

For some VPN users, deciding between a paid or a free trial can be confusing and, oftentimes, hectic. As a new VPN user, you feel highly tempted to choose a free service instead of something that you have to pay for. Truth be told, it is way better to pay for a product or service that you can rely on, instead of a service that might have hidden skeletons in the closet.

In this guide, we will help you make the right decision. So you can get a VPN service that is not only reliable and trustworthy but also stands true to its claims and promises.

Read on and find out why it is always recommended to get yourself a paid VPN trial instead of a free trial.

trial vpn

How to Free Your Internet with a VPN Trial Version?

A trial VPN account lets you check and test every feature of the service and see if it meets all of your needs. It becomes way easier for you to decide whether you should go with a specific VPN service for a longer period or not.

Moreover, you can also check if the VPN is compatible with all your devices or router. You can monitor the uptime of the VPN for the days you are using the trial version. You also get to test each and every feature to get your head around it.

All in all, a trial version of a VPN service lets you test your online freedom and the resulting perks that come with it. It is due to the many benefits of a trial version that we see many services offering a VPN free trial.

If you Google the term, you will find some services providing 7 days free test runs. In fact, you would also find a few services with 24 hours free trial.

However, there are a great number of flaws in the “free-trial” practice of VPN providers. They certainly don’t understand these flaws.

So, why a VPN with free trial is bad for you? Why should stay away from such services? To answer these questions, let’s first take a look at why such practices are full of flaws.

Here’s Why People Prefer Paid Trial VPNs Over Free Trial VPNs!

There could be many reasons why a VPN trial with no credit card requirement may seem a good deal to you. For instance, you may find it a good way to save yourself from the hassle of going through the refund process.

Perhaps, it may also seem attractive to you because of all the promised features. However, the truth is that people still don’t prefer a paid VPN. This is because a free VPN trial with no credit card or no registration never comes with complete access to all the premium features. In free versions, users are given access to only a handful of features.

More importantly, free trials often tend to work with specific devices. And not all the different devices promised by the service provider. Unfortunately, many VPN services never deliver on their promises. Instead, they run a bogus service to scam unsuspecting users.

Here’s Why Not To Activate Your VPN Free Trial!

Trial VPN Accounts Aren’t Always Fully Functional!

More often than not, VPN services providing free trials fail to provide a fully functional VPN service for trial. Let’s face it – you cannot properly judge or test the service if it offers limited options as compared to a paid trial. For instance, some VPN providers offer limited locations for users to access from their trial VPN. So, if a user wants to test all the locations using a trial VPN, there’s absolutely no way for them to access the different locations or servers.

Hence, it is always a great idea to test the VPN service in trial with all the features and functionalities it has to offer. This is exactly why a 3 Days Paid VPN Trial, 30-day risk-free trial or a VPN trial 7 days is way better than a Free VPN Trial 30 Days.

Needless to say, you can even test a paid trial on all devices, routers, consoles, or every other compatible device.

trial vpn

Free Trial VPN Does Not Guarantee Your Online Privacy!

It is skeptical whether a trial VPN account keeps logs or not. It has been seen in the recent past that if you are not paying for the service, you are the service. You cannot really be sure that your trial VPN is actually protecting your privacy or logging all your internet activities. This is another huge issue with free trial services.

However, did you know that PureVPN offers a trial for 3-days that follows all the policies applied on a normal paid subscription? The service doesn’t log any of your online activities whether you are using the normal account or trial VPN account. Furthermore, a PureVPN trial VPN account also lets you freely test the service without actually being tensed about your online privacy.

Which is the best VPN for Trial Purpose?

PureVPN! It is because the VPN provider doesn’t only promise to keep your privacy protected, but it also offers you the best service, even in the trial VPN account! Therefore, you can actually test all the aspects of the service before actually subscribing to it. Also, it has 5 multi-logins which means you can test the service on 5 different devices simultaneously.

Perks of Using PureVPN VPN Trial?

  • 256-bit Encryption

With hacking attempts increasing every year, our data is exposed to the ever-growing risk of such Internet attacks. A VPN gives you the ability to save your data from the reach of cyber criminals with military grade encryption.

  • Unlimited Anonymous IPs

In this era of mass surveillance, you wouldn’t want your ISP to track your data and would want to keep your location safe from hackers. For this, it’s important to have complete anonymity whenever you login to Internet and with thousands of IPs at your disposal, you can maintain guaranteed anonymity 24/7.

  • Internet Kill Switch

You fear using a VPN with free trial because of unexpected connection drops that result in revealing your real identity. Fear not! With PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch your real identity is completely safe.

  • Guaranteed Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi spots provide an easy opportunity for hackers to get unauthorized access to unsuspecting users. To avoid such hacking attempts when joining a public Wi-Fi, you need PureVPN for complete protection.

How to Use PureVPN’s Risk-Free Trial

  1. Signup for PureVPN free VPN trial by going through this link
  2. Choose the desired payment method
  3. Wait for mail containing your PureVPN’s trial credentials
  4. Download and install PureVPN for your Windows, Mac, Android or any other OS from this link
  5. Fire up your PureVPN for the first time using the credentials in the email sent by PureVPN
  6. Voila! Enjoy your free trial

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trial vpn

connection to the ISP’s server, thereby making your connection to the internet encrypted.


How to Get a VPN?

Some people wonder, “How to Get a Free VPN?” As we have discussed above, nothing on the internet comes for FREE. There is always a catch! So, it is best to use a paid Trial VPN because you can always use all the features of a premium VPN. To get a VPN, you first need to look for a reliable VPN service. Secondly, you can visit the website of the VPN provider and go through all the features to ensure that it has the capabilities you want such as Encryption, IP Leak protection, Anonymous IPs, etc. Finally, use their trial version to assess the service.


How to Setup a VPN?

Before setting up a VPN, you first need to learn how to download a VPN. So, subscribe to the VPN you need for your device. The VPN service will confirm the subscription and send you the necessary credentials. The VPN service will also send you a download link where you can download the app suitable for your device. Once done, install the app, enter the provided credentials and you are good to go!

What is Included in the 3-Day Paid Trial VPN?

Our 3-day VPN trial comes with all the premium features completely unlocked. Here are the top-features that you should check out during the trial:


  • Massive VPN Network & Locations: We have a gigantic network of 2,000+ VPN servers. Our secure VPN servers are spread to over 140 countries. It means secure access to universal content on the Internet.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: There’s absolutely no restriction to what you download or stream because there’s no restriction on the bandwidth usage at all.
  • Multi-Login: You don’t need to get separate accounts for different devices. Just use a single PureVPN account and secure up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Multiple Tunneling Protocols: Our premium features include complete access to all the popular VPN tunneling protocols including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 2000+ servers in 141+ countries, PureVPN helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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