How to Watch Hindi Movies Online Outside India

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PureVPN UpdatesHow to Watch Hindi Movies Online Outside India

Are you an expat, an exchange student, or a traveller trying to watch Hindi movies online from either Canada, UK, US, Australia, or any other country around the world? 

There are various top rated streaming services that offer a huge collection of Bollywood movies, both old and new releases, that are super exciting to watch. But perhaps you tried once upon a time, and you suffered from being unable to access them due to geographic restrictions.

Most of the streaming services are only available in India. If you want to access these titles from elsewhere in the world, you would require a VPN.

How to Watch Hindi Movies Online Outside India

Using PureVPN, you can access any of the streaming services outside India through the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN and download the app
  2. Connect to the Indian server
  3. Open any of the streaming sites mentioned below and enjoy your movie

Best Streaming Services to Watch Hindi Movies Online

1- Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the best streaming services for all those movie addicts who want to watch Hindi movies online for free. It has a huge collection of movies with both old and new releases. Since Hotstar is free in India, you can access it from anywhere through PureVPN by connecting to an Indian server. 

Through Hotstar, you can watch movies in 8 different languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English, and Kannada. It also offers its viewers different TV and news channels, sports as well as Disney and National Geographic movies and series. The TV category has content from almost 30 channels of Star India. 

Click here to access Hotstar outside India

2- SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a well known video streaming service with a huge library of online Hindi movies divided into categories like trending, romantic, comedy, drama, and many more. 

The best thing about SonyLiv is that you can enjoy its content for free without registering. Isn’t that amazing? All you need to do is just click on the website and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. 

But, since this streaming service is only accessible in South Asia, you will need to subscribe to PureVPN to watch SonyLiv from anywhere, whether UK, UA, UAE, Canada or America. 

Click here to access SonyLiv outside India.

3- Zee5 

If you are looking for a website having one of the best libraries of Hindi Movies, then you should definitely try Zee5. It offers a wide range of latest Bollywood movies, inclusive of superhits and older titles, including some in regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi.                            

Zee5 provides both free and premium content so you need to subscribe in order to have access to the entire range. But like other aforementioned services, Zee5 cannot be accessed outside India, so PureVPN has the solution for you to watch Bollywood movies from anywhere, as it assigns you another IP address. 

Click here to access Zee5 outside India

4- Voot

Voot is one of the best streaming websites to watch Hindi movies online for free. Apart from Hindi movies, it also offers Telugu, Bangali, English, and Kannada Movies. It can be streamed on various devices like smartphones, PC, tablet, and the Amazon Fire TV, and the service has also developed apps for Android and iOS users. 

The content on Voot is supported by various ads so you just need to sign up to watch the latest Hindi movies online. If you are living abroad and trying to access Voot outside India, then subscribe to PureVPN and connect to a server in India to stream all of your favourite content. 

Click here to access Voot outside India


5- YuppTV

YuppTV has a good collection of Bollywood movies as well as TV shows, live TV, and news clips. It is offered in around 16 languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, and Tamil. It can be easily streamed on devices like smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. 

Although YuppTV is available in different locations like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and many countries in the Middle East, there are some regional restrictions on the content. To overcome this, you can use PureVPN to change your location to India and accessing all this geographically-restricted content easily. 

Click here to access YuppTV outside India

How to Use PureVPN

These free video streaming services are restricted to specific countries. However, PureVPN allows you to access them from any location and using any device you want through the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download the app or software on the device
  3. Launch PureVPN and log in 
  4. Use the Streaming mode and select India as your server location
  5. You will get an Indian IP address which will enable you to watch Bollywood movies online from any location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the latest Bollywood movies online free?

There are some streaming sites like Hotstar, Zee5, Voot, and others which offer part of their content library for free while the remaining is for premium users that require a paid subscription.

Where can I watch Indian TV shows online for free?

Websites like Hotstar, YuppTV, Voot, SonyLiv, and MX Player are some of the best sites upon which to watch Indian TV shows online. 

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