Voot VPN – Your Ticket to Watch Voot Outside India

All the best Indian video content is on Voot, but it’s only accessible in India. Try PureVPN for just $0.99 and change your location to watch Voot outside India.

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How to Watch Voot Outside India?

It seems impossible to watch Voot outside India until you get VPN – that’s when it becomes super-easy.

Install purevpn


Install PureVPN for your device and signup

Voot VPN Server


to Indian server

Access Voot

All Set

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Voot is Not Available in Most Countries

Voot is only available in India for streaming. If you happen to be in the UK and are an existing user of Virgin Media, you can watch Voot on your TV. However, apart from that, Voot remains unavailable everywhere else.

Watch Voot in USA and Outside India
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Voot – India’s Favorite Entertainment Channel

Voot has got many TV channels which have been popular in India for decades. To name a few, Zee5, YuppTV, and Airtel TV top the list. Moreover, all the content that is available on Hotstar can be easily streamed on Voot too.

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Who Needs a Voot VPN

There are various reasons why you should use VPN. Here are the best 5.

All the bright students of India apply to foreign universities, and many of them are granted admissions abroad. If such is your case, you might be interested in getting a Voot VPN. Back in India, Voot was easily accessible for all of your entertainment needs, but the same is not true for other countries.

To access Voot outside India, just connect to VPN and choose a server located in India. This will change your virtual location to India, allowing you to access Voot easily.

Are you an Indian expat who misses the times when watching Indian content on Voot was easy? You can still relive those times, no matter which country you are currently residing in. Your inability to access Voot outside India is due to regional limitations, which can be easily overcome by using VPN.

When you connect to VPN, you can choose to change your virtual location to any country of your choice. If you select a server located in India, you will get instant access to Voot and all other such services which are only available in India.

MX Player has some of the best desi content. Though it does not host any originals, it has many shows from popular platforms such as Hotstar. If you are looking for that one streaming platform that has all the great Indian TV shows, MX Player is your best bet.

Just get VPN and connect to a region where MX Player is available. Once connected, you can enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience that knows no lags or stutters. With VPN connected on your streaming device, you will also be completely safe from all online vulnerabilities.

Tired of watching the same TV shows and soaps again and again? If that is the case, then you need to access fresh content. While there are many ways to do that, the safest and the most economical option is VPN. No matter what country you are in, you can access Voot easily from outside India with VPN.

On Voot, you can find live content from dozens of different live channels in addition to all the great TV shows and movies that are popular around the world.

Is your employer not letting you stream on-demand content in your office? If that is the case, you can watch Voot in your office, without going to your boss and asking for special privileges to stream from sites that are banned on your workplace’s network.

The solution is VPN. Just hit connect to hide your identity from your employer and easily evade all limitations and restrictions implemented on your workstation by the network manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voot is only available in India. Outside the country, the service remains inaccessible. Although the streaming service plans on expanding its service to other countries in the future, it has not given any official dates or lists of countries it will first reach out to.

Be sure that you are using a premium VPN such as PureVPN. Many free VPN services claim to offer access to Voot and other services that are geographically restricted, but they actually make you vulnerable online. They mostly result in your IP getting blacklisted, subsequently suspending your access to the services you are trying to access

Of course. Many live TV channels are easily accessible on Voot. Some of the popular ones include Zee5, Sony Liv, Colours1, Colours2, etc.

This error appears when there are issues with the cache of your device, i.e., either it has run into some errors, or there is no storage space left for more cache to build up. If you know how to clear the cache of your device, you can proceed to do so, without having to read the detailed steps given below.

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Apps/App & Notification
  3. Click on the VOOT application
  4. Storage / do Force Stop
  5. Clear cache

Voot is not accessible in Canada. If you want to access Voot from Canada, you need to connect VPN on your streaming device. When connecting, remember to choose a server in the Indian region. This will change your virtual location to India, and in turn, give you access to Voot.

If you are a subscriber of Virgin Media, you can watch Voot on your TV. Just navigate through all the available channels, and you will find Voot somewhere in there. However, if you are not a Virgin Media user, you have no other option but to subscribe to VPN service. Just connect, change your location to India, and access Voot from the UK.

If you live in the US, you won’t be able to access Voot. Even though the company says that it will expand to new territories soon, it’s unclear when the service will be made available in the US. Until that happens, you can just connect to a premium VPN service such as PureVPN and change your virtual location to India for hassle-free access to Voot.

Cyber laws are strict in the UAE. If you live in the UAE, you cannot access Voot, as it is unavailable there. Many people in the UAE resort to VPNs for evading the limitations and restrictions put in place by the UAE government. However, free VPN services leak the users’ real identity, which often leads to fines as high as AED 50,000. To avoid such penalties and access Voot with complete peace of mind, get VPN. It makes you completely anonymous online and protects your identity at all times.

Many Indians find it impossible to stream anything on Voot from Australia. This is due to the regional limitations and censorship laws implemented by Australian online monitoring authorities as well as Voot. With VPN installed and connected on your device, you can easily access Voot from Australia or any other country in the world.

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