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How to Get a Canadian IP Address

  1. Opt for Desired VPN Plan
  2. Choose a payment method
  3. Select ‘add-ons’
  4. Add Dedicated IP
  5. Select Canada Dedicated IP
  6. Connect and enjoy.

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How to connect to a Canadian IP Address!

Get a Canadian IP experience with PureVPN in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Login to PureVPN

Step 2

Scroll to find Canada

Step 3

Click to connect!

Reasons Why You Would Need a Canadian IP

  • If you are a Canadian expat or a resident of any other country who wants to access a Canadian website, you might find it difficult to do so. Accessing local Canadian websites will require a Canadian IP address.

  • Unable to access your Canadian bank accounts? You could be physically anywhere and gain instant access to banks in Canada such as the National Bank of Canada with a Canadian static IP.

  • Looking for exciting deals in Canada? With a Canada IP, you can gain access to local website deals that are limited to the Canadian region and avail them from any corner of the globe.

How to Get a Canada IP Address

VPN is currently the best option available to you to get access to the Host Country’s services, websites and channels that are not available outside the country, e.g. Canada. As proxies offer an unreliable service, Canadian expats are resorting towards a resilient IP address that can combat cyberattacks and keep the user anonymous at all times. With PureVPN’s Canadian IP, you can rest assured about your online privacy and security.

When you subscribe to the PureVPN, you can then have access to a pool of servers. Choose Canada from that list and all your internet traffic will be passed through the Canadian server by encrypting all your data.

After the completion of a process of connecting to a VPN and masking of your IP is completed you can then be appeared as you are surfing from Canada. You can also check your IP after this whole process with our tool What is my IP.

PureVPN guarantees highly-secure servers to its users around the world. Along with better performance, and speedy internet experience. Moreover, you can connect to any of provided servers in Canada too.

Canadian Dedicated IP

A dedicated Canadian IP Address allows users to securely access remote networks through one whitelisted IP. Similarly, users who wish to access private networks securely, such as an IP camera surveillance network, need a dedicated IP.

To get PureVPN’s dedicated IP, you would have to first select your plan and choose Static IP from the Add-ons. Once that is done, all you would have to do is to select a desired country which is Canada in this case and in last configure it on your device or run through the PureVPN application.

Your online activities are now secured with state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption.

What Else You Can Do with a Canada IP

Country-specific IP address host numerous benefits, and a Canadian IP Address makes the most of them.

Here’s more on what you can do with a Canadian IP Address:

  • Secure Online Banking

    You can securely access your online banking details and make funds through your Canadian account.

  • TV channels/Streaming websites

    Gain instant access to Canadian TV shows/movies and several other Canadian streaming services from anywhere in the world.

  • Deal sites/Classified ads

    Can’t get your head off of an enticing deal available only in Canada? Well, you don’t have to. With a Canadian IP Address, you can avail deals available in canada and others. With local classified ads, you can learn about local jobs/real estate, cars, services, and much more.

Get Canadian IP Address
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What Other Features Will You Get with PureVPN?

IP leak is a sensitive issue as it can expose your IP that you so want to hide against prying eyes. PureVPN IPv6 leak protection feature makes sure that your actual IP stays protected 24/7.

Stay secure with industry’s state-of-the-art 256-bit aes encryption, which keeps your online data safe from eavesdroppers.

You may need to open specific applications or websites with a VPN and not the other web services you are accessing online. Split Tunneling can help you do that with great ease.

PureVPN servers are optimized not only for great streaming speeds but also for downloads. Plus, with unlimited bandwidth, you can indulge in unlimited P2P activities to your heart’s content.

Do you wish to use both static IP as well as dynamic IP on the same VPN? Well, when you subscribe to PureVPN and get our dedicated IP add-on, you will be able to use shared IPs on up to 9 devices simultaneously while a dedicated IP on a 10th device.