How to Get a Canada IP Address - A Guide for Canadian Expats

As a Canadian expat, you may be enjoying your time abroad. However, what you may probably be missing out on is the access to your favorite local Canadian content. With Canadian IP, stream and stay secure from anywhere.

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What Makes a Canada IP So Desirable?

Lack of accessibility to certain popular streaming services may not be the only thing that infuriates you abroad. The problem may extend to online banking services, as well.

If that all sounds like you, a Canadian IP address is undoubtedly the best choice for you. Needless to mention, PureVPN makes it significantly easy for you to use a Canadian IP address from anywhere in the world.

With a Canada IP, you can maximize your online experience by gaining instant access to websites and services that weren’t available otherwise.

What is a Dedicated Canada IP Address?

A Canadian IP is a secure, stable, and swift IP address that’s exclusively for you, and unlocks the true potential of browsing the web.

As proxies offer an unreliable service, Canadian expats are resorting towards a resilient IP address that can combat cyberattacks and keep the user anonymous at all times. With PureVPN’s Dedicated Canada IP, you can rest assured about your online privacy and security.

When connected with PureVPN, your online activities are secured with state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption. That’s not it, as you also get protection against DDoS attacks, which are increasingly targeting businesses and individuals.

Why Canada Expats Desire a Dedicated IP?

As a Canadian who is living or traveling abroad, a Canadian IP address comes in handy when you want to connect with the local TV shows and movies available specifically in the Canadian region.

Several online banking systems in Canada do not allow foreign IP addresses. As a result, you won’t be able to check the funds in your account or make online transactions via your Canadian bank account from abroad, unless you have a Canadian IP address.

You can also utilize ongoing local deals in Canada with a Canada IP address. Shop all you want online with ultimate secrecy.

What Do You Get with a PureVPN Dedicated IP?

  • Access better Canada online entertainment content from any regions
  • Whitelist IPs to access IP camera network, personal CMS, and more
  • Enjoy secure remote access to protected networks
  • Limit personal FTP to the dedicated IP
  • And more.
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