How to Get a Canadian IP Address

A Canada dedicated IP address is an excellent option for someone who wants to gain access to exclusive Canadian TV shows/movies and local content. A dedicated IP allows you to have great browsing, streaming, gaming experience without interference or hacking.

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Get a Canadian IP Address

What is a Canadian IP Address?

A Canada IP address is an Internet Protocol address, whether dedicated or shared, that is used in Canada only and assigned and reserved by ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. If you are not in Canada, you can still get a Canadian IP address to make it appear that you’re in Canada, so you can be in Vancouver while sitting at home in Egypt or in Toronto while surfing on your smartphone from a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia.

Why Do You Need a Canadian Static IP Address?

  • Among many benefits of having a Canadian IP address, the most sought after reason is not having to experience the frustration of seeing the message “this content is unavailable in your region” when trying to access content that may only be available to Canadian residents and visitors.
  • When you’re outside Canada and trying to gain access to local Canadian content, such as TV shows, movies, radio, and local happenings, a Canadian dedicated IP address will render you instant access to your internet request even if you’re not in the country or anywhere nearby.
  • A Canadian static IP address is utilized by several entrepreneurs, students, employees, and travelers who frequently travel outside Canada. In those specific cases, a Canadian IP address may be required to access local services or streaming content, take advantage of discounts on local Canadian shopping sites, and perform other activities that may only be geographically-restricted.
  • With globalization and the elimination of virtual borders, geo-restrictions can be frustrating. Limitations on the internet can prevent you from accessing a particular country’s local happenings such as their regional news, online banking, streaming services, and social sites. But why? We don’t think it’s right either.
Canadian Static IP Address

How to Get Canadian IP Address

How to Get Canadian IP Address
  • Subscribe to a PureVPN plan and choose the country of dedicated IP you want.
  • Download and install the app on your preferred device.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Connect to the assigned Canada Dedicated IP.
  • Now you are connected to the Canada IP Address.
  • To confirm that your IP has been changed, head over to What is My IP.
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How to connect to a Canada IP Address!

Get a Canadian IP experience with PureVPN in 3 easy steps:

Login to PureVPN

Step 1

Login to PureVPN

Enter Dedicated Hostname

Step 2

Enter Dedicated Hostname

Click to connect

Step 3

Click to connect!

More You Can Do With a Canadian IP Address

Connect to the Canadian IP address to stream local Canadian TV shows, movies, and so much more!

Instantly access Canadian content from any corner of the globe and carry on with your online activities disguising as a Canadian citizen.

Canadian IP address is suitable for online businesses that frequently send out emails to their users and potential customers.

Carry on with your online activities while secured with state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption that keeps your VPN connection private.

PureVPN allows you to manage team access and control network access. You can whitelist dedicated IP addresses so that only authorized teams have access, or blacklist specific devices from accessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a VPN legal in Canada?

In Canada, using a VPN is legal. Canada does not have any laws that say you cannot use a VPN. However, it is illegal if the VPN is used for bad reasons, so make sure to use it in a good way for good reasons.

How do I get an unlimited IP address?

PureVPN’s Canadian Dedicated IP address offers unlimited usage, meaning you can browse, stream, and carry on with your online activities without any limitations.

Does resetting your router change your IP?

Yes, it changes your public IP address, but when you’re using PureVPN to connect to the internet using a particular IP address, it doesn’t matter if you reset your router. It will not affect the IP address as it is assigned to you by PureVPN and not your ISP. Your ISP’s assigned IP may change, but PureVPN’s dedicated IP stays static throughout the duration of your subscription.

How do I get a US IP address in Canada?

Subscribing a US IP address while residing in Canada is simple. Head over to PureVPN’s US IP address page to know the process.