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A Global Server Network

PureVPN offers one of the biggest server networks in the industry with 2,000 VPN servers based in over 140 countries locations. The server network is well-renowned in the VPN industry to provide users with a smooth internet experience that is free from any lags.

From virtual to physically placed servers, PureVPN has mastered the art of placing each server in a strategic location so that users get the best speed and connectivity at all times.

When you connect to PureVPN and select a server, you’ll notice an instant connection to the country you’ve chosen, meaning that the server is available round-the-clock.

PureVPN’s servers employ strict AES 256-bit encryption from the ground up. Moreover, the servers are designed in such a way that no unauthorized human intervention can take place, hence, no mingling with the server infrastructure.

PureVPN regularly maintains and updates its servers with the latest equipment and protocols so we can always remain one step ahead of the competition. Expereince the fastest PureVPN servers for 7 days in just $0.99

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