PPTP VPN is one of the fastest speed protocols and it is compatible with almost every operating system. It is the best option for online streaming and gaming purposes.

A Brief Overview of PPTP VPN

Pros and Cons of PPTP VPN


  • It’s ubiquitous: It is available on all the major and current operating systems.
  • It’s blazing fast: PPTP offers the fastest speed among all other protocols.
  • It’s made for anyone: Any user with some or little knowledge can configure the PPTP protocol easily.


  • It’s insecure: PPTP comes with low-level of encryption.
  • It’s accessible: It is easy to not only bypass but also breach the PPTP protocol.
  • It’s simply just not the best: The protocol isn’t recommended for users who want security and online anonymity.

Features of PPTP VPN


Guaranteed Data Delivery

The PPTP protocol uses the GRE and TCP port 1723 for smooth data transmission.


Weak Encryption

128-bit encryption is the maximum supported encryption using RSA RC4 algorithm.


Fastest Speed

Due to low level encryption, it offers highest speed as compared to other protocols. (It’s a toss up! What do you want, speed or security?)

How to Setup PPTP

Click on the icons below for our step-by-step guides on how to setup PPTP VPN on different operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, Linux, DD-WRT and more.

Other PPTP manual setups can be seen here.

Other VPN Protocols

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