Wondering if PPTP is the right VPN protocol for you? Learn what PPTP is, how it works, and the strengths and weaknesses it brings to the table.

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What is PPTP?

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is one of the earliest protocols used to establish VPN connections, offering features such as authentication and data encryption. Though it was widely used in the 1990s, PPTP is now considered outdated due to major security flaws that make it vulnerable to certain attacks like bit-flipping.

How Does PPTP Work?

PPTP creates a tunnel between two points, encapsulating data packets in an IP envelope for secure transmission. Once connected, it handles both data flow and control messages that manage the VPN session. This simple tunneling process, foundational for early VPNs, has been enhanced in newer protocols for improved security and efficiency.

How Does PPTP Work
How to Setup PPTP VPN

How to Set Up PPTP VPN

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  • Configure PPTP Manually

    Open your device’s built-in VPN settings and enter the required information (server address, username, password, etc).

  • Establish a Connection

    Once done, simply save the VPN profile and connect to start sending your traffic through a PPTP tunnel!

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Pros and Cons of PPTP

  • Ease of Setup: PPTP is straightforward to set up without needing specialized software, as it is natively supported by most operating systems.

  • Poor Security: PPTP is vulnerable to several types of attacks and uses weak encryption standards, making it an insecure option for sensitive data transmission.

  • Speed: Due to its minimal encryption overhead, PPTP generally offers faster connection speeds compared to other VPN protocols with stronger encryption.

  • Firewall Limitations: Since PPTP does not use standardized VPN port numbers, it is prone to being blocked by firewalls, which can result in connection problems.

PPTP protocol comparison

Let’s take a quick look at how PPTP compares to other VPN protocols

VPN Protocol Speed Encryption Streaming Stability P2P Available in
PureVPN app
OpenVPN Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
IPSec/IKEv2 Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
WireGuard* Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast Very Fast
SSTP Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
L2TP/IPSec Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
PPTP Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

Other VPN Protocols

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who invented PPTP?

    PPTP was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with other technology companies, primarily for creating VPN over dial-up networks.

  • Does PPTP have encryption?

    Yes, PPTP includes encryption using the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol and MPPE, but its encryption strength is considered weak compared to modern standards.

  • Why use a PPTP VPN?

    Yes, PPTP includes encryption using the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol and MPPE, but its encryption strength is considered weak compared to modern standards.

  • Is PPTP the fastest protocol?

    PPTP can be faster than more heavily encrypted protocols due to its basic encryption, but this speed comes at the expense of security.

  • Does PureVPN support PPTP?

    PureVPN only supports PPTP connections through manual configuration, meaning there is no option to use PPTP within our apps.