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Get the best of both worlds with iOS VPN on Demand functionality. On your iOS device, route your internet traffic through the encrypted VPN tunnel and your ISP at the same time. Maximize the true potential of a VPN service to its fullest.

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Securely route your internet traffic through the VPN and your ISP simultaneously.

What is VPN on Demand?

VPN On Demand is an ingenious feature for iOS devices. The technology makes sure that your internet traffic flows through the VPN network and your ISP network simultaneously. In this case, the VPN is established automatically when you preset websites that should open up with VPN connected.

For example, if you want to access your banking details through a secure VPN connection, you can add the website address(s). Each time you open your browser and type in the banking web address, the On Demand VPN functionality will detect your internet request and activate the VPN connection so that you can securely carry on with your online activities.

This method works for any website you list in the On Demand VPN option. PureVPN’s VPN on Demand enhances compliance by reducing any chances of data thefts and data leakage. The seamless and frictionless functionality adds convenience to your daily internet lives without having you to connect to the VPN network each time physically.

Why Do You Need VPN on demand?

Simply put, VPN On Demand adds convenience to your internet lives. The feature improves efficiency and provides foolproof security in case you forget to switch the VPN on. The VPN On Demand especially comes in handy when:

•You have a remote workforce: A remote workforce means you’ve got employees or freelance workers who might be working from diverse geographic locations. Ensuring their online activities are secure and granting them secure access every time can be a challenge. VPN On Demand eludes that inconvenience.

•You support a BYOD policy: If you’re one of those organizations with a bring your own device culture, sure it might lower your infrastructure costs, but it definitely increases the security risks. The reason is that you’re unsure of the devices employees have as their software might be outdated. An On-Demand VPN ensures your online connection is secure even if you connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

•Your employees travel to client locations: Business is business as it requires you to go to other parts of the world. As your employees travel to client locations, they’ll need access to your private business network. A VPN On Demand makes sure you’re connected to your organizations’ private network irrespective of your geographical location and regional website limitations. You also stay secure on public Wi-Fi hotspots such as airports, hotels, cafes, and many more.

•You want secure communications and browsing: It’s no doubt that websites are increasingly upgrading to HTTPS (partially secured); however, there are numerous others which still rely on HTTP (unsecured connection). An unsecured Wi-Fi connection can potentially expose sensitive data such as passwords and business details. PureVPN’s VPN On Demand (fully secured) connection keeps you safe from cyberattacks and data thieves.

If you’re an average internet user who’s mostly at home and use your own secured Wi-Fi connection, a VPN On demand may not be necessary for you. This is because it’s most likely that you’re the only person using your secured Wi-Fi network, so you don’t have to worry much about hackers stealing your information.

At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to employ the extra layer of security you need in today’s modern time, where cyberattacks and data breaches are common. Cybercriminals are known for being ruthless and finding exploits unless you’ve got encryption backing you up.

PureVPN’s iOS VPN On Demand

Overall, the point of VPN On Demand is to keep you connected to the internet via a secure line as much as possible when you’re out in public and where you’ll come across public Wi-Fi hotspots which are known for being a breeding ground for hackers and alike.

If you’re an individual who travels a lot and connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots, then VPN On Demand is just the feature you need to take advantage of because it provides you online privacy, online security and fosters peace of mind.

How To Use This Feature?

Here is how to activate this feature

1.On Menu, tap Settings.

ios6 vpn on demand

2.Tap “On Demand VPN”

iphone vpn

3.Add your desired URLs and tap “Done”

wifi on demand

4.Open your browser

ios vpn

5.Enter your URL, you’ll see PureVPN gets connected automatically before your desired URL is loaded.

vpn on demand

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