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Greece VPN

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PureVPN owns and maintains all of its 6,000+ encrypted servers that have been strategically placed in 65+ countries and 80+ locations around the globe, including Greece’s capital Athens.

Our VPN servers in Greece have hundreds of Greek IP addresses at your disposal, and are specially optimized to provide you with the fastest speeds at any given time, regardless of your location.

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Limitless Browsing

Unlike other VPNs, PureVPN doesn’t put any caps on bandwidth usage. Our free Greece VPN service also helps you evade third-party limitations placed on your Internet connection. How, you ask? By preventing ISPs from using deep packet inspection technology to inspect your traffic.

Public Wi-Fi Security

More than 137,350 free Wi-Fi networks in Greece provide users with Internet connectivity on the go. The open nature of these wireless networks, however, leave your sensitive data susceptible to theft at the hands of hackers. Greece VPN employs AES 256- bit encryption, allowing you to use any public Wi-Fi safely.

Access to Local Greek Content

Want to stream ΣΚΑΪ (Skai) TV Live, Achaia News, and Greek content on Netflix? If you’re living or traveling outside Greece, you won’t be able to unless you have PureVPN on your device. With our easy-to-use apps, you can quickly get a Greece IP address and watch the Greek content you want from anywhere in the world.

PureVPN Apps Are Available For

Connect with 10 multiple devices simultaneously with the best Greece VPN. PureVPN is also compatible with consoles which include SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

20+ more supported devices

Top 6 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Greece

VPN for Greece

Are VPNs Legal in Greece?

Yes! Even though Greece recently restricted access to a number of websites, the use of VPNs is still perfectly legal.

How Do I Get a VPN in Greece?

Just follow these simple steps: 1. Go to our order page. 2. Choose your preferred PureVPN plan. 3. Checkout using any of our supported payment options. 4. Download and install the VPN software or app for your device. 5. You’re all set!

How Do I Browse with Greek IP Address?

With a Greece VPN, it’s super easy. Simply subscribe to any one of our plans, download the app on any device, and choose a VPN server in Greece. Once the connection is made, check your new IP address by heading over to What is My IP.

How Do I Watch Greek TV Online Abroad with a VPN?

As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to watch Greek TV online if you’re living or traveling outside Greece. Using a VPN, you can get a free Greek IP address from anywhere and unlock your favorite Greek TV channels in no time!

Is There a Greece VPN for Chrome?

Many VPN services offer lightweight extensions for Chrome, but not all of them are reliable and some even leak your true IP address. A Greece VPN Chrome Extension from PureVPN, however, not only secures your access to the Internet but also comes packed with WebRTC Leak Protection to ensure your real IP address isn’t revealed.

Should I Use a Free VPN in Greece?

Free VPNs do more harm than good. For the best VPN experience, you should always choose a paid VPN service like PureVPN.

Our European Servers

Apart from the European Servers listed here, we also own over 6,000 VPN servers in more than 65+ countries and 80+ locations. Find the server location you wish to join and get a local IP address from anywhere.