How to get dedicated IP in UK

Enhance server security and protect your assets by using a dedicated IP:

  • Obtain a higher degree of server control

  • Avoid captcha interruptions

  • Enable incoming traffic from specific ports

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What is a dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP is a static IP address that is solely assigned you. Even if you reset the router or connect to different networks, your IP address remains the same. Dedicated IP helps you to access the sensitive information securely. With a dedicated IP address, you can get your IP whitelisted or access your company’s hosting server without changing the DNS settings.


Benefits of using a dedicated IP in UK

Ensure to enhance your online security for the new age.

Get Your IP Whitelisted

You can reduce the risk of getting blacklisted or blocked with a dedicated IP at your disposal. Get uninterrupted access to multiple platforms, blog resources, and applications.

Only Shared IP

Use a single IP address for the team

With a dedicated IP and a VPN, every team member can securely access your private servers, remote access systems, and applications while working remotely or on-site. Protect your corporate servers.

Secure online transactions

Whether you are sending or receiving money online, connect to a secure dedicated IP server and never worry about malicious threats. Seamlessly use your banking applications from abroad.

Some websites might trigger captchas when they detect unusual or suspicious IP addresses.

Using Pure VPN can help you avoid this issue.

Port Forwarding

Create servers at home

You can use a dedicated IP with a port forwarding VPN to create gaming servers on your network that maintains your privacy. Prevent prying eyes and data harvesters with a single connection.

What sets Shared IP apart from Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP is for a single user only compared to a shared IP address that is used by multiple consumers who are relying on the same network.

Shared IP Shared IP

Shared IP is used by several entities connected through the same network. And, your ISP assigns a shared IP address (IPV6) to all users.

How to get your Dedicated IP

Three steps to enhance your online security.


Step 1

Get the plan that fits your needs


Step 2

Login and setup your dedicated IP


Step 3

Connect to your desired server

Get added security and privacy

Simple and Fair pricing for the plan you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Dedicated IP work on routers?


Yes, you can set up Dedicated IP on multiple routers. If you struggle to configure a Dedicated IP, reach out to one of our friendly reps via the Live Chat option.

How do I use a Dedicated IP as a remote worker or a freelancer?


You must download PureVPN on your device, get a Dedicated IP add-on, and securely get access to remote servers and networks. This helps you get IP whitelisting and use remote databases from the comfort of your home.

Can I get multiple Dedicated IP addresses?


Yes, you can purchase more Dedicated IP addresses based on your personal needs. Get in touch with PureVPN support reps, who will guide you through the process. You can also get a business VPN to support a large team of remote workers or freelancers.

Is a Dedicated IP secure?


Yes, you can protect your devices against security threats, enhance online privacy, and prevent malicious attacks with a Dedicated IP. The Dedicated IP isn’t the same as your regular IP address, so the internet traffic is hidden from ISPs and surveillance agencies.

How do I get a static IP address?


One way is to sign up for a service with a company that offers static IP addresses. Secondly, you can contact your internet service provider (ISP) and ask if they provide static IP addresses. Some ISPs do offer static IPs and charge an additional monthly fee.

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