VPN For FireStick

Our VPN for Firestick is integrated with features that let you stream the content you want, whenever you want, at high speeds.

  • Blazing Fast Streaming
  • Connect to 140+ Countries
  • Complete Privacy
  • Unbreakable Security
  • Superior Anonymity
  • Military-Grade Encryption
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App for Firestick | Version: 1.1.0 | Latest released: February 6, 2018

How to Get Firestick VPN App

  1. Visit PureVPN’s order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
  2. Download and install PureVPN App on your VPN for Firestick.
  3. Every subscription plan includes PureVPN’s Firestick app.
  4. Connect to any of our numerous servers through the app.
  5. Browse the internet freely with enhanced online security and anonymity.

If you aren't satisfied, We aren't satisfied!

Our success is measured by how successfully our product worked for our users. You can have your money back anytime during 7 days if we don’t live up to your expectations.

The Benefits of PureVPN’s Firestick App

Super-Fast Streaming

Conveniently stream any and all restricted content of your choice at high speeds!

Anonymous Browsing

Browse the internet anonymously without having someone snoop on your personal information.

More Content Options

Connect to one of our 141+ locations, and gain access to the local content of that country.

Unrivalled Privacy & Security

Keep yourself protected from being tracked or hacked online at all times.

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Why do you need VPN for Firestick?

Access Websites and Channels

Experience true internet freedom by getting around geo-restrictions and censorship at will.

Blazing Fast Speeds

Stream your favorite content from anywhere without slowing down your internet speed.

Mask Your Real Identity

Hide your IP address and keep your real identity and location from being discovered.

Freedom of Expression

Gain access to all online sources of information – all it takes is a click!

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Connect to 141 Countries with VPN for Firestick

PureVPN has a global network of 750+ servers strategically placed in 140+ countries, allowing users to make use of numerous servers while masking their real IP address.

Unmatched Features of PureVPN for Firestick

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch freely between our 750+ servers as many times as you need to.

Encrypted Internet Traffic

Your data is always secure, as all your internet traffic is encrypted via AES 256-bit encryption.

Secure File & App Downloads

Download the files and apps you need with complete anonymity and security.

Endless Streaming

Instantly access the content of your choice and enjoy streaming at blazing fast speeds.

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Limitless Streaming on Firestick TV App

Get to stream your preferred TV shows and movies without any restrictions. In addition, you can dodge restrictions to get the regional content of the country you’re connected to.

Access Flawlessly with a Firestick TV App

Maximize your internet usage unlike any other by overcoming hurdles and gaining access to your favorite websites, TV shows and movies with your Firestick TV App.
The entertainment experience has never been this easy. Go on browsing the web like a pro and make use of PureVPN’s capabilities like a champ.

PureVPN’s Firestick VPN App keeps you Secure

PureVPN’s Firestick VPN App is your road to secure digital freedom. Once connected, your internet traffic is secured with encryption processes that keep your activities secret.
You can rest assured about your online privacy as strong protocols make you hack proof on the web.