What is L2TP VPN and How Does it Work?

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A Brief Overview of L2TP VPN

What are the advantages and disadvantages of L2TP VPN?


  • Unlike PPTP, it offers excellent level of encryption and security
  • The protocol encapsulates the data twice, which means double data verification.
  • The protocol is available on not only desktop but also mobile operating systems.
  • L2TP is quite easy to configure on all the operating systems it supports.


  • It offers slow performance because of double authentication (encapsulation).
  • There are some firewalls that can block the L2TP protocol ports.
  • The protocol is difficult to configure on devices that run on NAT routers.
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L2TP VPN Helps You Get

Secure Connection

It works with AES or 3DES algorithms used for the most secure 256-bit key encryption.

Better Link Establishment

L2TP uses the UDP Port 1701 for configuration, the UDP Port 500 for key exchange and the UDP Port 4500 for NAT.

Safest Protocol

Due to highest level encryption as compared to PPTP or other protocols and because of double encapsulation, L2TP is ranked among the safest protocols.

How to Setup VPN with L2TP Protocol?

You can configure L2TP on different operating systems

Other L2TP manual setups can be seen here.

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Thinking about which is the best VPN protocol?

PureVPN automatically selects the best suitable protocol for its users. If you are not sure which protocol to use, then just let the app automatically choose the best VPN Protocol for your network. Check the comparison chart of all protocols for a better understanding of various protocols. Check the comparison chart of all protocols for a better understanding of various protocols.

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