Android and VPN

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android and vpn

How many of you have strived to put android programming in your resumes? I am sure, a lot of you. If not, then my friends, I should say it’s high time; every programmer should start playing with android. If you’ve read programming blogs before, you’ll understand the term ‘playing’.android and vpn  In a programmer’s world, you can only play on open source platforms; this is one of the key reasons why android is one of the largest growing markets in the industry. Vital it is, that Android had 26% of the total users, beating I-phone for the first time, in the month of November, 2010. The stats come in the courtesy of comScore MobiLens. This number of users tells us about the intensity of application development in this field. All of the progress invites data theft, as more and more business purpose applications are being run on android. This data-theft can be strongly reduced by Android’s powerful connection with VPN. So, if you’re an android user, let Pure VPN help you coming up with the best VPN connection for your android sets. Do you want to know how can you configure your VPN with android? Here’s the step-by-step tutorial for android to VPN connection Android VPN Tutorial.

Get VPN Connection for Android Phone

Let us know, if this tutorial was helpful to you, by posting your experiences in the comments section. :) Till then, happy android-ing :)

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