How to Achieve Fastest VPN Speeds

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Fastest VPN

If your VPN connection is slow, or you just want to know how efficient your VPN is, there are options you can avail for improving VPN performance and making it fastest VPN. PureVPN is always struggling and taking maximum measures to provide you with the fastest VPN. if in case you are suffering low speed, we recommend considering following factors that also affect your VPN speed.

  • The computer speed, If there are too many programs running everything is slower.
  • The Speed of your ISP, which directly affect, VPN speed
  • The speed of the ISP routes to the provider’s VPN server

Keeping all the above facts in mind we have some additional recommendations for you to increase your VPN speed. Let’s look how you may achieve fastest VPN with PureVPN Windows and Mac Software.

1. PureVPN Windows and Mac software come with Fastest Server Selection tool that performs a test to find servers with the fastest download and upload speed based on two factors, which are, your location and the usage purpose you choose. We always recommend the use of this tool for optimum speed and reliability.

Fastest VPN Speed


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2. Try a different protocol, If you are connected through SSTP protocol, try switching to L2TP Protocol and if connected through L2TP then select PPTP Protocol for better speeds

Fastest server selection tool - PureVPN


Free PureVPN's Mac App for fastest VPN Speeds – Download Now!

Additional Measures

There are more factors that affect your VPN speeds other than VPN service provider. Always make sure that you have the latest device drivers for your machine; Router firmware, ethernet-adapter and motherboard drivers, BIOS update, etc. Updated operating system are highly recommended; you should also regularly check Windows update.

If you use Firefox for browsing,  Install the FasterFox add-ons. It improves surfing performance.

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