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In today's advance world, a network of anonymous surfing is good, but a nightmare, depending on which part of the boundary marker you stand. Cover up of information affects not only those who belong to the user, for example, e-mail address and physical, but also information about your computer, the name and version of operating system, browser and version, which is an Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of the plant. Potential Internet users to hide their identity using a web proxy, both conditions of law and protection of privacy as a defensive measure against spam are a problem of anonymity on the Internet between supporters and opponents.

Proxy sites have been around for somewhat a while, but it’s only recently that their use has come into fashion with the normal Internet crowd. College students in particular have found a lot of uses for those sites with the wireless Internet access in their individual schools.

In that time, it's really hard to feel safe and protected by identity theft to increase our electronic life, you have access to personal information is more valuable than ever. Learn just a few bits of information about a person whose name dates and maiden names of mothers with a password or two and you have a serious power over them. This information is easier to get when we spend more time on the Internet that provide such information. Anyone using a web proxy free anonymous is not really all that safe or secure.

To illustrate this point, one of my partners recently stayed in a hotel belonging to a large chain, which had invested in the use of the wireless network is available at an additional cost. Although there have been complaints about speed and service, he found the advantage of being incredibly insecure. He had used "Wire shark" free program that functions as a network sniffer extraordinary and could access all kinds of customer information from inside the building. He saw several passwords, shadows of personal information including birth dates, names, addresses and mothers, including maiden name. Very little information is encrypted via SSL, but showed it was unreadable as expected, but for the most part, all information is available in clear text. This is particularly dangerous because many people continue with the same password for all major memorable, including bank details.

So how much of this information would have been available had he used an anonymous proxy?

Unfortunately, every last word. Every detail was there to be taken as an anonymous proxy is only to protect the server, you had all the others can continue to use all this information. So, when using wireless networks to think twice before giving all the data and always use a company's shares as payment SSL encrypted.

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VPNs assure two main advantages over competing move towards like cost savings, and scalability. One way a VPN lowers costs is by get rid of the need for expensive long distance leased lines. Another way VPNs decrease costs is by lessening the need for long remote access. VPN clients need only call into the nearest service provider's access point. More subtle way that VPNs may lower costs is through offloading of the support load. With VPNs, the service provider rather than the organization must support dial-up access.

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