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When you search for a Best VPN Service provider, you should take into account a few things like security, gateway servers, privacy policy, price, technical Support, VPN connection’s speed, VPN account setup process etc. Careful analysis of these features will not only help you in getting the Best VPN Service provider but also ensure you that your privacy and security is being properly taken care of. Majority of us are not tech-savy and hence the information that you should seek regarding Best VPN Service should not be too technical. You should try to get as much relevant information about the service provider as possible before opting for Best VPN Service. Let us first discuss what a VPN is and what benefits and features it can offer us, before getting into the details of what to look out for in a Best VPN Service Provider.

Best VPN Service

A VPN [acronym for Virtual Private Network] is a tool that is commonly used these days for a variety of purposes both by individuals and businesses. Most common and important of them all is to secure and protect the privacy of users sharing their files and surfing the web. It is done by creating a kind of an encrypted tunnel through which each and every bit of your submitted data passes through. Due to the fact that it is encrypted, it will be impossible for unwanted individuals, who intercept the data, to read and understand its content. This makes it the Best solution for online security.

If it is a Corporate VPN provided by your organization, then it connects your PC, laptop or device to the official network over a public network i.e. the internet. This enables the remote user to function like he is sitting at his office desk. No matter if you are an individual or owner of an organization, all you need to do is to get the Best Vpn Service and use it as per your requirement.

If you are an individual, then you might use Best VPN Service for security and protecting your online privacy. You may also want to hide your real IP address and become anonymous. When you connect via Best VPN Service then all the traffic going in and out of your computer will look like as if it is coming from the vendor’s server and hence your identity will not be revealed. This will protect your online privacy as well making you secure online as unwanted and unauthorized access will be denied by VPN. Users mostly want to buy Best VPN Service due to this special feature of VPN.

After reviewing the needs of most of the users as well as each and every factor important in making this decision, there is no other Best VPN Service than PureVPN. PureVPN provides robust VPN Service in seventeen countries (including US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden, Panama, Australia, Turkey and France.) with shared and dedicated IP. Our Best VPN Service is a sure-shot solution for all your concerns related to Online Security of your Identity and data. Other than this, using Best VPN Service will give you uncensored internet connectivity that is anonymous as well as secure and you will be able to bypass all Geographical restrictions – Permanently!!

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Why PureVPN

Trusted Name, Established Business
High Quality Service
Dedicated and Friendly Support, 24x7
IP’s of 35 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden, Panama, Australia, Turkey, France, Bulgaria, Brazil, Egypt, France, Hungary, HongKong, Italy, Latvia, Turkey Ukraine, China, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Costa Rica.
128bit Strong Encryption that prevents even your ISP from spying on you
Unrestricted Speed, Non-Filtered Internet

Best Secure VPN Service Provider :

Shared IP VPN:

Our Shared IP VPN service gives you an option to get shared IP of 35 Countries in same package! You can easily switch between the countries of your choice for unlimited times!

To get a shared VPN service, visit: Shared IP VPN, priced at US$ 9.95 per month.

Dedicated IP VPN:

Our Dedicated IP VPN service gives you a dedicated IP in any one of 35 Countries of your choice! In our dedicated IP VPN service, we assign you a fixed IP of your choice and you can switch between multiple servers in the same country to get optimum performance.

To get a dedicated VPN service, visit: Dedicated IP VPN, priced at US$ 15 per month

PPTP VPN Service Solution :

PPTP VPN, which enables remote computers to conveniently and securely access the local, restricted, narrow, limited, regional network.

Our Best VPN services are a simple and very valuable method to add a reasonable amount of privacy and security to your Internet usage. If you contribute in IRC chat rooms, online games or have the desire to keep your web surfing then you will find our service extremely valuable.

Your computer establishes a direct connection to the VPN server. The link is strongly encrypted, making it useless to intercept them. Even if someone picks up your VPN connection, it will do a lot of unnecessary data, which is almost impossible to decipher. And the great thing is that you get full access to the Internet, which could not be sniffed by anyone - hackers, hotspot owners, technicians at your ISP, even the government. It also hides your online IP address, so no; neither the owners of evil nor the website can find your position.

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Best VPN

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Complete Anonymity ensures that your Privacy is Private!

VPN Security

Enjoy Security by Surfing through VPN Servers!


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• Encrypted VPN Connection
IP VPN Service
• Easy to Configure/Setup VPN Connection
• 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed on VPN Service
• High Quality Tutorials for VPN Setup

Supported Devices

Personal Computer
DD-WRT Router
Windows Mobile

Supported OS

Windows VPN (Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7)
Linux VPN (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu)
Mac VPN (OS X)