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VPN Software for Windows

VPN Software for Windows protects your privacy and security online. Now Crack location based IP restrictions.

  • Surf the internet anonymously
  • Virtually reside in another country
  • Encrypt your entire internet connection
  • Unblock any social media or streaming website
  • Protection against hackers and snoopers at public WiFi hotspots
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The very first screen is the Dashboard. The small panel at the top right shows connection status. It also tells you the assigned IP & the duration of the established connection.

You can:

  • Pick protocol from the protocol drop down or select "Automatic" mode. In automatic mode, it first tries with PPTP, then SSTP and then L2TP.
  • Select the country you want to connect to, from the country drop down menu. It connects you to the fastest server automatically.
  • Enter your login details and click Quick Connect to connect to the specified server.
  • Check the Remember me checkbox if you do not wish to enter your login details each time.
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Personalized Selection

This tab lets you use our Intelligent VPN Server Speed Test Tool based on your usage purpose. You can select any one of the 9 purposes to automatically connect to the fastest server.

Use Intelligence:

  • First select your usage purpose and the protocol you want to connect through from Auto, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP modes.
  • Use intelligence then gives you two choices. Either connect to the fastest server or manually select from the recommend servers for the particular purpose.

Browse All Servers:

  • Browse All Servers is the list of all servers in all countries.
  • Select your VPN Protocol and connect to the server of your choice from the list of servers in many countries
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Web Protection

Web threats come in many shapes and forms, this add on protects you while surfing againts Bots, phishing, spyware, Spams, malware.

PureVPN Malware Protection blends in your system and runs smoothly in the background, guarding you against many web based threats.

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Split Tunneling [Beta]

No more bandwidth issues with PureVPN Split Tunneling feature. Now tell your PureVPN software which data to pass through it's secure tunnel and which should still flow through the local internet provider.

How it works?

  • Clicking on the green button named Disabled will enable this feature.
  • Click on 'Press to Search Applications' to see the list of applications (that can be used in split tunneling) on your computer.
  • Click on the 'Launch' to launch the application in Split Tunneling Mode.
  • You can manually add applications by clicking on "ADD AN APPLICATION".
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You need to run PureVPN Software as administrator to be able to use this feature. Click Here for more details. To avoid "Run as administrator" step every time, follow this tutorial.

General Settings

This tab will provide users with the option of changing the settings as per their preferences. Feature settings like 'Redial automatically if the connection drops', 'Auto connect after launch', 'Kill switch internet', 'Traffic chats' etc.

Features include:

  • Redial automatically if the connection drops
  • Auto connect after launch
  • Launch on system start up
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Security Settings

More advance features have been added in "security" panel and these are:

Features include:

  • "VPN Mode" let users select between fastest browsing and greatest security and the combination of both.
  • Now control remote connections to your machine when connected with the VPN.
  • "Internet Kill Switch" kills all the Internet activity and protects users' privacy in case the VPN disconnects.
  • Auto-redial option
  • Stop internet on manual VPN disconnection
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Billing and Packages

This tab helps you to order or upgrade your PureVPN account right from the software. Our friendly and efficient support staff can be accessed for assistance via this tab and you can also generate Email /Support Tickets from here.

Features include:

  • Details of offered packages
  • How much you can save on each of them
  • Live Chat Option
  • Email/Support Ticket generation
  • Stop internet on manual VPN disconnection
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This tab allows you to contact our 24/7/365 live chat, email and support tickets in case of any technical difficulty. Our committed and friendly support staff looks into your matter on urgent basis. This tab also keeps logs of your connection which you can easily export via 'Export Log' button and share it with our support staff if required.

Fields you need to fill:

  • Auto Log generation
  • Export log option
  • Live Chat Option
  • Email/Support Ticket generation
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  • Split tunneling feature introduced, in beta.
  • Copy and Paste would add an empty space in password field. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Feedback tab is moved to lower panel.
  • Encryption level control handed over to users. Users can now adjust encryption level in 'Settings'.
  • Encryption indicator and protocol selection is added in 'Select by Purpose' tab.
  • Debug log generation is stopped as it was causing software to hang.
  • Internet Explorer starts working with split tunneling by making major changes to split tunneling functionality.
  • False Virus alerts by Comodo and Eset anti-viruses are fixed by making changes to underlying string encryption methodology.
  • The Functionality of top right 'Connect' button has been improved for smoother operations.
  • The Functionality of 'Dedicated IP' feature has been improved for smoother operations.
  • Feature such as Split Tunneling that requires 'admin right' is hyperlinked to assist users.
Below is a complete list of improvements:
  • Secure DNS feature is added in Settings tab.
  • System Tray icon animated.
  • New Purpose Selector is added.(Speed Test Feature)
  • Different builds for 'Rest of the World' and 'China'.
  • Unified new installer created.
  • L2TP Key in China build are read from xml.
  • Dynamic text and url is added in update tooltip.
  • Code Signing Certificate added.
  • Default Encryption is set to : 'None' for faster speeds. Users can modify if required.
  • In China build ,DNS of a user will be changed during installation and its existing DNS will be saved for later reversion.
  • In China build Dns will be revert at uninstallation.
  • "Network Location" popup in Windows averted by adjusting registry.
  • Update popup text is now controllable, hyperlink'ed to
  • Additional check in Speed test API i-e if one of the constituent API is not responding.
  • Additional check is added if user enter email address,a pop up will appear with the hyperlink "”
  • Improved wait sign on Split Tunneling application search
  • Bug Fixed 1): L2TP Protocol selection
  • Bug Fixed 2): Username bug
  • Bug Fixed 3): Software hangs up when there is no internet connection
  • Bug Fixed 4): Remote Access Connection Manager service exception fixed.
  • Bug Fixed 5): Gif animation is added in Application search in split tunneling.
  • Bug Fixed 6): ”PureVPN is still running” text pop up when user press Cross button on top of the purevpn application
  • Bug Fixed 7) Uninstaller signed with certificate.
  • Bug Fixed 8) When uninstalling, DNS was being removed / left blank breaking down internet on user end. Fixed.
  • Bug Fixed 9) Server field reset of purpose drop down selection change, prompting message “Please make selection on MAP”
  • Bug Fixed 10) In Feedback form,if user does not enter email in email text box it will become red.
  • Bug Fixed 11) Dedicated IP box error is fixed.
  • Separate builds for China and Rest of the world.
  • PureVPN's ground breaking Speed Test intelligence embedded in 'Country Selection Tool' along with Purpose selection.
  • "Secure DNS" option embedded in settings. User can switch to Google/OpenDNS with click of button. Simply uncheck to revert to original DNS.
  • For added authenticity, our software now comes signed with Code Signing Certificate- Will no longer show "Unknown Publisher" rather "GZ Systems Limited"
Version Improvements:
  • Intelligent "Speed Test" Tool integrated in the main stream Dashboard connect option. All users sessions would automatically route to the best available server based on real-time user's network condition and the server-side load.
  • DNS flush command. Upon activating "Secure DNS" the software flushes the DNS cache ensuring better security by eliminating DNS leakage.
  • File and printer sharing issue. By default the "File and Printer Sharing" would be set to Disabled.
  • Incoming connection blockage. By default all the inbound connections would be blocked.
  • Getting started guide is added. This helps users know the various features in the software.
  • "Refer a friend" link added in taskbar icon. Users can now easily recommended the software to their friends and family.
  • Animated system tray icon replaced with a static 3 phased icon. Grey when "Inactive", Yellow when "Connecting" and Green when "Connected"
Bug Fixes:
  • Software is optimized for performance. Lots of changes have been made to make software consume lesser resources on the host machine and deliver greater performance.
  • Updated RAS dll used. Was crashing the software on some systems.
  • Software crashed after 23 hours 59 minutes. Fixed it.
  • Quick connect bug is fixed.
Version New Features:
  • "Internet Kill Switch" feature introduced. If enabled, it kills all the Internet activity and protects users' privacy in case the VPN disconnects.
  • Enhanced redial option added for "Internet Kill Switch". It lets user reconnect automatically while still protecting user's privacy.
  • For maximum network compatibility, 'Automatic' protocol selection is added to the main Dashboard protocol selection. The Software first tries with PPTP, then SSTP and then L2TP when Automatic mode is selected.
  • Users can now control whether they wish to allow remote connections to their machine when connected with the VPN.
  • Server Count added in Country selection.
  • Software is made resource efficient and is 5x more responsive.
  • Social sharing made easy.
  • VPN browsing mode introduced. Users can now choose between fastest browsing and greatest security or the best of both worlds.
  • Connection protocol field added to the status window.
  • Automatic protocol selection added to the Purpose UI.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed minor compatibility issues with Windows 8.
  • Fixed random black portion in GUI.
  • Obsolete API in RAS replaced.
  • 'Cant access server.xml' message removed from software startup.
  • Tooltip notification added if RASMan is not running, provides auto-restart feature.
  • Cancel state is added during redial.
Version New Features:
  • NAT Firewall feature added to the software.
  • Purpose based Intelligent VPN connectivity added to the Dashboard.
Bug Fixes:
  • "Balloon tooltip must have a non-zero value" bug fixed
  • L2TP protocol selection in Purpose UI fixed
  • RASMan service will be set to manual during installation and service will be started.
  • DNS will not be removed from dedicated box
Version New Features:
  • The software now offers even more optimized routes and destinations for users in Asia and Europe to access US VPN and for users in US to access the UK VPN.
  • Virtual countries added to the software with route information
Bug Fixes:
  • Minor UI improvements were made.
Version (2-5-2014) New Features:
  • Web Threat Protection functionality is now added into the software.
  • To offer faster connectivity, USA, UK, Italy, Turkey, Australia, France, Singapore & Switzerland servers were added in USA & Europe proximity.
    The Country Selection dropdown on the Dashboard and 'Browse All Servers' under the 'Personalized Selection' tabs now display these servers with tooltip remarks.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the bug with pre-shared key on the Personalized Selection > Use Intelligence UI.
Version: (28-7-2014) Improvements:
  • OpenVPN (UDP & TCP) support added into the software, tightly integrated with the rest of advanced features such as Split Tunneling, Automatic Protocol switch, Internet Kill Switch and others.
  • SmartDNS support added intot the software for seamless and unified user experience.
  • Splash screen added.
Bug Fixes:
  • Latest servers failed to update for some users due to a bug with admin rights. This has been fixed.
  • Software icons failed to load for some users. This has been fixed.
  • Performance improvements added, software performs faster now
Version (25-11-2014) Improvements/Changes:
  • SmartDNS startup process optimized for faster loading time and easier operation.
  • SmartDNS protocol errors resolved for a stable streaming experience.
  • Addition of 'Did You Know' feature to help users get the best out of their PureVPN account.
Version 4.1.0 (22-12-2014) Improvements/Changes:
  • The "Getting Started" guide is now updated to aid users in getting acquainted with various features of the software.
  • The Feedback form is now added to help users share their feedback about our products and services.
  • Indicators for P2P file-sharing service are now added in front of all the servers that support P2P for better user experience.
  • The first and one-of-its-kind Dedicted IP with DDoS Protection addon is included to offer users complete protection against DDos attacks.
  • The Splash Screen is now thematically updated according to Christmas and Holiday season.
  • Some minor bug fixes for improved user experience.
Version: 4.1.1 (1-3-2015) Improvements/Changes:
  • A feedback form has been added in the uninstall process to gather the user's feedback about our products and services.
  • Some minor bug fixes for improved user experience.
Version 4.1.2 (18-2-2015) Improvements/Changes:
  • Getting Started Guide has been updated.
  • DDoS Terms of Service clause has been integrated.
  • Retry button has been added in the authentication screen.
  • Various bugs have been fixed for better stability.
  • The new app is optimized for increased responsiveness.
Version (07-07-2015) Improvements/Changes:
  • Virtual Router feature added that will allow PureVPN users to configure their device as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 10 devices
  • Additional protection against IPv6 leak and DNS hijacking threat
  • Some other minor fixes and UI improvements
  • Other minor improvements to accelerate app responsiveness
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