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The Best Google Chrome VPN 2017

Chrome is the world’s most popular browser in today’s era. Its user-friendly setup, stability, reliability, and security are...

2 months ago

Need a Free VPN Trial? Here’s Why You Don’t Need One

It is always wise to test a product before you actually buy it for good. Likewise, it is imperative that you always look for a VPN trial...

2 months ago

How to get a Safari VPN?

Mac users are care-free because their OS is safer compared to Microsoft Windows. However, let’s face it – complacency is...

3 months ago

Broadband Privacy Reclaimed with PureVPN’s Chrome Extension

The internet has been in a state of complete disarray ever since the news broke about the new privacy regulations passed by the US senate,...

4 months ago

VPN Types – Pick the One That Best Meets Your Needs

It is a sad sight to behold, but every year we continue to encounter cyber threats, illegal surveillance (as exposed by WikiLeaks in March...

4 months ago

Canadian Privacy Survey – Some Troublesome Findings

Just like the viruses and bacteria in real life, cyber threats and digital evil doers continue to grow, with no signs of stopping anytime...

5 months ago