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Tomorrow Seems Threatening! What the Future of Cyber Attacks Holds for us?

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PUREVPNOnline SecurityTomorrow Seems Threatening! What the Future of Cyber Attacks Holds for us?

Data is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century, making it the most vulnerable resource. With technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and more, cybercriminals get more chances and crevices to sneak a cyberattack on unsuspecting users. 

In this blog, we will discuss the lethal web of cyber criminals and how modern technology will affect the future of cyberattacks. Let’s get started: 

Modern technology and Cyber Attacks: A recent history

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In the past few years, we have seen cybersecurity technology improve. However, we have also witnessed more cyberattacks spring out of thin air. It does not take much to correlate the two, as cybercriminals have used modern security techniques to craft more complex and creative traps for innocent victims.

Artificial intelligence, IoT, cryptocurrency, supply chain, and many other areas have been plagued with cyber-attacks recently. With attacks on Microsoft, Twitter, and even OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it seems like even the tech giants aren’t safe now.

According to a report published by governance, around 146,290,598 records were breached in July alone. The damages from ransomware attacks have also crossed $449 million for 2023. Looking at the big picture, it is safe to say that the future does not look secure.

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  1. Internet of Things [IoT attacks]

The world is coming together using the IoT ecosystem, from smart home appliances to industrial sensors. However, a massive surge in modern IoT attacks has been detected where cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities using botnets and ransomware attacks to extract sensitive data from interconnected devices.

According to a recent report, more than 50% of organizations suffer from IoT attacks – each week! And these numbers are climbing with every passing year.

  1. Cryptocurrency and blockchain attacks

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept compared to other technologies discussed, having only been around for about a decade and a half. It was enough time for hackers to find ways to exploit the blockchain. 

In 2014, the Japan-based Mt. Gox cryptocurrency exchange went bankrupt after hackers stole more than 800,000 bitcoins, then valued at roughly $460 million. Its decentralized nature and untraceable transactions make cryptocurrency a unique target for cybercriminals. ICOs, crypto-jacking, ransomware attacks, and other cryptocurrency scams are common and catch more crypto enthusiasts off guard.

  1. Dark web

The dark web has provided cybercriminals with an anonymous platform far more extended than cryptocurrency exchanges. And this sneaky web is not going anywhere soon!

Reports suggest that hackers and cybercriminals, who use these dark online marketplaces, will develop more advanced ways to evade detection by security analysts. This is concerning because, as technology advances, more sturdy illegal marketplaces spring up more frequently than the world would like.

  1. Cloud computing threats

Studies suggest that around 60% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud as of 2022, and by 2025, more than 100 ZB, or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes, will be stored in the cloud. 

These numbers make cloud infrastructures absolute gold mines for hackers because they can exploit vulnerabilities to access tons and tons of sensitive information. And with the recent attack on Microsoft’s cloud services, the hackers are just getting started.

  1. Remote work risks

Around 12.7% of the workforce is currently working from home (2023), and these numbers will likely increase fresh off a pandemic. While this offers a more flexible work environment for workers, it also puts an organization’s data security at considerable risk. 

With cyber-attacks rising exponentially, targeting individual employees and gaining access to a corporate network is much easier. We are witnessing considerable surges in ransomware, malware, phishing emails, and other social engineering attacks. This news could be better for small businesses or giant corporations.  

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is proving to be both a bliss and a bitter curse for the people of the 21st century. The thing about AI is that while it is helping people get things more quickly, it is also providing cybercriminals to carry out more sophisticated cyber attacks. 

Deepfake technologies, voice cloning, AI-powered password cracking, and complex hacking algorithms are used to design intricate cyberattacks. 

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Defence Mode! Try PureVPN to secure yourself against a future of cyberattacks

So while we are witnessing fantastic feats in all domains of technology, the fact that these feats have a few loopholes: must be noticed. And for organizations and ordinary folks to not get exploited by these modern cyberattacks, it is necessary to enforce cybersecurity best practices!

Encryption, two-factor authentication, IP masking, and more can help you ensure data security. However, with a reliable VPN service, like PureVPN, you can get this and more to protect your network against future cyberattacks. 

With PureVPN, you can get additional security features like DNS leak protection, a kill-switch mechanism, simultaneous security on ten devices, and exclusive access to regional deals and content. 

Can cyber threats be the next apocalypse?

The future seems a little vulnerable with cyberattacks upgrading with every passing day. However, the situation will only worsen if we do not incorporate cybersecurity best practices while browsing the internet.  

We must also practice healthy data exchange and browsing habits besides using general security software, like VPNs. Investing in employee training and security awareness programs can help businesses and employees reduce the impact of security breaches. Constant vigilance and following best cybersecurity practices can help us keep the future from getting plagued by cyberattacks. 


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August 16, 2023


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