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When the internet was born, it opened gates to complete globalization and freedom to access any information. Access to the culture and knowledge previously limited to only a few countries was now available to people around the world. People could literally connect with anyone they wanted to.

That culture of globalization, however, did not last for long. As the internet spread, governments and private organizations realized how dangerous internet freedom can be to their interest. This led to a wave of internet restrictions that persist to this day.

We all know about the restrictions placed on several websites in many countries. Some governments go as far as to block internet access completely in their respective areas just to preserve their political interests.

Popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube have been blocked in the past for political reasons. This negatively impacted globalization on the whole and restricted access to knowledge that could have been beneficial to the affected population.

Similarly, online restrictions are placed on entertainment content in several countries. Whether it’s BBC iPlayer or HBO Now, a majority of online streaming channels are only available in selected countries and are restricted everywhere else.

Strangely, these restrictions aren’t enforced by the governments but by streaming companies themselves. Let’s take the Football World Cup as an example. Before the tournament, major broadcasters bid for rights to broadcast the tournament on their channel.

The company that wins the bid further sells licensing rights to channels in different countries. These channels sign an agreement that their broadcasts will remain limited to their own country. They are, therefore, not allowed to broadcast the tournament outside their respective regions. Which is why they restrict foreigners from accessing the broadcast at their locations. This profit-oriented mindset negatively impacts internet freedom from across the world.

After reading all this, I’m sure you would be asking questions like: How to access blocked websites,” or How to bypass blocked websites,” or How to access websites from anywhere? The answer to all these questions is written below.

Fortunately for us, we can avoid such restrictions and access the website of our choice with ease. Internet freedom is available to us through tools that are easily available on the internet.

Ways to access blocked websites

There are certain tips and tricks you can follow to access any restricted website online. These tips are mentioned below:

1. Use a VPN

The best way to ensure complete internet freedom is to use a VPN. You may be asking yourself, What is VPN?” Here’s your answer: VPN is a software that can connect you with servers from around the world. Apart from providing features like online anonymity and security, VPNs also provide internet freedom, provided they’ve servers placed in all the right locations.

Connecting to a different server allows you to change your IP address from your own location to the location of that particular server. This can work as a hack for those looking to access the website of their choice. Your IP address is the only way to monitor your current location. And if you somehow change your IP address to the location of your choice, you will be able to access any website, even if it is not available in your area.

Major VPN brands, like PureVPN, have thousands of servers across the world and over hundreds-of-thousands of IP addresses for you to choose from. These servers are spread strategically so you can stream your favourite services with ease and watch your favourite channels at fastest speeds.

PureVPN has 2,000+ servers available. A nucleus of these servers is available at prominent locations, including the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. This lets you access the best streaming services with ease, no matter wherever you live.

You can also download the apps of your choice with PureVPN. And because your online traffic remains hidden when you’re connected to PureVPN, whatever you do on the internet cannot be monitored or surveyed by any hacker or surveillance organization.

Learn how to access your favourite streaming channels from here.

2. Use Proxy Websites

Using proxy websites is another way to access your favourite website with ease. Proxies camouflage your online traffic, making it difficult for ISPs to track your online traffic.

There are hundreds of web proxies available on the internet that can make your web experience “unrestricted”. Web proxies are also excellent tools to maintain complete internet privacy. They may not be as perfect as a VPN can be since most of them are unreliable and can potentially infect your device.

3. Use IP Rather Than URL

A website’s URL is the English translation of the IP behind or hosting that website. To get the IP address for any website, you’ll need to use the Command Prompt on your PC. Using the website’s IP is a simple way to access any blocked website in your region. However, if the website has hidden its IP address, then you won’t be able to access it with this method.

You’ll just need to run CMD on your computer, type “ping” and press Enter. This will give you the IP address of the website. Entering this IP address in your browser’s address bar will allow you to visit “access denied” websites. The same method can work on Mac, Linux, and Android as well albeit with different tools.

4. URL recasting method

Sometimes, a blocked website maybe hosted with a VPN and may not have a verified SSL installed. Changing the URL in this case to, instead of or can allow you to access the website with ease. You might be shown a security notice upon accessing it. Clicking the “Proceed Anyway” option will let you visit the website with ease.

5. Go to Internet Archive — Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a service that stores copies of a majority of the websites on the internet. It saves multiple versions of a website and it can be used to access the past versions of any website. Users can freely use it to browse any blocked content online. Moreover, this website also contains free movies, documentaries, nostalgic games, ebooks, etc.

6. Use RSS Feed of site

RSS readers are excellent for accessing fresh content and reading it online with ease. You just have to grab the RSS feed of any blocked website and add it to your reader. In case a website doesn’t have any feed, you can create the feed yourself through some useful online tools. Feedly is an excellent source to read your daily feeds with ease.

Our Winner!

We have listed different ways to access your favourite websites online, but some of these are too complex for you to try and may not work every time.

Using proxies is an easy option but that may harm your online privacy as the proxy website will be able to monitor your online communications. Method number 3, 4, 5, and 6 are not guaranteed to work at every try. And most websites are smart enough to stop these methods from working.

In this scenario, we recommend VPN as the best option to access your favorite websites with complete ease. As explained above, VPNs let you access your favorite websites instantly. A major VPN brand, like PureVPN, lets you connect with thousands of servers so you can access the website of your choice without breaking a sweat.

Popular websites that you can access with PureVPN are listed below:

Watch BT Sports from anywhere

BT Sports is a major sports streaming channel. You can watch various sports matches, including the Premier League, and other major leagues online. BT Sports is only available in the UK, but people living abroad can still access the channel with PureVPN.

You can learn how to watch BT Sports from here.

Watch NBC Live Stream from anywhere

NBC is another popular streaming channel that you shouldn’t miss out on. You can stream your favorite NBC TV shows, and lots of other content on the NBC channel. Unfortunately, NBC is only accessible from the US. But you can change that by using PureVPN.

Learn how to watch NBC Live Stream from here.

Watch ESPN3 live online from anywhere

If you’re a sports lover, then ESPN3 is a must watch channel for you. Watch your favorite football, cricket, and boxing streams on ESPN3. Though the channel is only available in the US, you can still access it if you’ve got PureVPN.

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Watch Sling TV online from anywhere

Sling TV offers both sports content, as well as TV shows so you can enjoy the best online entertainment content. Because Sling TV is only available in the US, you will need PureVPN to access the channel from your current location.

Learn how to watch Sling TV without cable from here.

Watch ABC Go live online from anywhere

ABC Go is the perfect entertainment channel to kill some spare time. You can watch popular TV shows on the channel. However, ABC Go is only available in the US. But you can still access it with PureVPN.

Learn how to watch ABC Go online from here.

Watch YouTube Premium online from anywhere

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s debutant in the online entertainment market. It’s the premium version of YouTube, on which you can watch some awesome TV shows online with ease. Because YouTube Premium is only available in certain regions, you’ll need PureVPN to access it from regions where it isn’t available.

Learn how to watch YouTube Premium from here.

Watch BBC iPlayer from abroad

BBC iPlayer is a popular channel for sports and online entertainment lovers. It’s one of the most popular channels that can be streamed for free in the UK. However, it is accessible from anywhere else, unless you’re using PureVPN.

Learn how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad from here.

Watch Sky Go Italy live online

A popular online streaming channel, Sky Go Italy lets you watch movies and TV shows live online. But, as the name suggests, the channel is only available in Italy. But you can access the popular online streaming channel from anywhere with PureVPN.

Learn how to watch Sky Go Italy live online from here.

Watch Zattoo from anywhere

Zattoo is another popular streaming channel for fans of movies and TV shows. This channel, like many others, isn’t available everywhere. However, you can use PureVPN to access Zattoo online from anywhere.

Learn how to watch Zattoo abroad from here.

Watch Vudu live online from anywhere

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows live online on Vudu. Vudu is only available to the US audience, but you don’t have to miss out on anything while using PureVPN.

Learn how to watch Vudu in your country from here.

Watch Hulu abroad with ease

Hulu is cord-cutters’ preferred destination for entertainment content. The popular streaming channel is available in the US only. Like always, PureVPN comes to your rescue and helps you complete your quest to access any channel live online from anywhere.

You can learn how to watch Hulu live online from here.

Watch Netflix US from your country with ease

You won’t find a cord-cutter who hasn’t heard of Netflix. It is considered the best streaming channel for your favorite entertainment content. Though Netflix is now available in almost every country, its best content can only be seen in the US. You can access the US version of Netflix with ease if you have PureVPN.

Learn how to watch Netflix US from here.

Access Spotify from anywhere

Spotify is the best music streaming service on the internet. With a playlist of your favorite songs available, Spotify is easily accessible from the US and the UK. To access the service from other countries, you’ll have to use PureVPN.

Learn how to access Spotify from anywhere.

Watch Amazon Prime from your country

Amazon Prime is relatively new, but it has already gained popularity among the cord-cutter masses because of the extra-ordinary content and originals that it provides to its subscribers. While Amazon Prime is available in many countries, its best content is available to the US audience only. Changing your IP address with PureVPN can change that.

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Embrace internet freedom despite government restrictions

Internet freedom is our right, but it is often denied by governments in many countries. Social networking websites, as well as other content is often blocked by multiple governments. These restrictions can be bypassed with PureVPN. Access Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Skype, or any other website easily with PureVPN.


Internet restrictions are the biggest blockade to complete globalization. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these restrictions and access your favourite websites with ease. We hope that the above methods help you achieve total internet freedom so you can surf online with zero blockages.

Sheheryar Ahmed Khan is a privacy enthusiast, currently affiliated with PureVPN. His reporting covers subjects related to online privacy, anonymity, and security. Also a believer in online freedom, Sheheryar likes to spend his free time streaming football matches and TV shows online.

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