If your VPN connection is slow, or you just want to know how efficient your VPN is, there are options you can avail for improving VPN performance and making it fastest VPN.

PureVPN is always struggling and taking maximum measures to provide you with the fastest VPN. if in case you are suffering low speed, we recommend considering following factors that also affect your VPN speed.

  • The computer speed, if there are too many programs running everything is slower. It is recommended to close unnecessary programs.
  • The Speed of your ISP, which directly affect, VPN speed. Before connecting check your internet speed. If your internet speed is slow it is deemed that your VPN speed will be slower than usual.
  • The speed of the ISP routes to the provider’s VPN server. Check your router setting and make sure they are optimal. Your router setting is provided to you by the manufacturer.

Keeping all the above facts in mind we have some additional recommendations for you to increase your VPN speed. Let’s look how you may achieve fastest VPN with PureVPN Windows and Mac Software.

Close Unnecessary Programs Running in the Background

Usually at PC startup the programs are loaded by default and they keep on running in the background some programs are unnecessary and slow down the processing speed of the computer.

You can always close those programs by moving your cursor on to the notification area which is located on the right side of the task bar and then click right on the icon of the program that you want to close and click on exit or quit.

How to close unnecessary programs running in the background

Choose the Right Purpose

The PureVPN desktop client and app comes with a speed testing tool which automatically connect you to the optimal server based on the purpose you choose when you first used the App. You can always change the purpose by going to preferences and then click on the “Select Mode”.

Switch the VPN Protocols

Try a different protocol, if you are connected through SSTP protocol, try switching to L2TP Protocol and if connected through L2TP then select PPTP Protocol for better speeds. You can change protocol by clicking on the preferences – the gear icon right next to minimize and close icon then click on the App settings and select a different protocol.

Learn more about PPTP Protocol

Disable 256-bit Encryption

There is inverse relationship between speed and security. By default, 256-bit encryption is selected. You can always switch to 128-bit encryption by clicking on the “gear” icon which is located before minimize and the close icon. Click on the gear icon select Advance options expand security and uncheck 256-bit encryption. If you want to know more about VPN protocols, please read this guide.

Additional Measures

There are more factors that affect your VPN speeds other than VPN service provider. Always make sure that you have the latest device drivers for your machine; Router firmware, Ethernet-adapter and motherboard drivers, BIOS update, etc.

Updated operating system is highly recommended; you should also regularly check Windows update. Also check the browser that you are using. The browser should be updated regularly for security and speed.


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