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Get ready for more legal shenanigans and dysfunctional family drama because Family Law is back with Season 3! Brace yourselves as Abigail Bianchi, the lawyer with a knack for attracting chaos, attempts a “new beginning” as smooth as a rollercoaster ride. Watch as the Spence & Bianchi law firm turns every case into a family therapy session, proving once again that justice is best served with a side of family dysfunction

The catch here is that CW is only confined within the US. Therefore, to watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US, you must use a premium VPN to bypass geo-blocks and watch Family Law Season 3 outside US seamlessly.

Read on to find out how a VPN can help you to unblock CW streaming platform:

How to watch Family Law Season 3 outside US on The CW

GThe simplest way to watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US is to get a US IP address using a premium VPN like PureVPN and enjoy buffer-free streaming worldwide. 

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Watch Family Law Season 3 on the CW

Where to watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US?

You can watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US on CW using pure VPN to eliminate geo-blocks.

Why is The CW restricted outside the US?

While The CW boasts fantastic shows, viewers outside the US encounter geo-blocking restrictions, preventing access to this content. Consequently, attempting to watch The CW shows from outside the US will lead to an error message, Preventing global audiences from savoring the network’s engaging content.

Exciting news! Overcoming these geo-blocks and watching Family Law Season 3 outside the US is a breeze with PureVPN. Utilizing PureVPN transforms your virtual location, seamlessly presenting you as a US user, and provides unrestricted access to The CW, allowing you to watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US hassle-free.

What is Family Law Season 3‘s release date? 

Family Law Season 3 will premiere on The CW on January 17, 2023 .

What is the storyline of Family Law Season 3?

Get ready yourself for a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions! Abigail Bianchi, the lawyer with more issues than a subscription to a gossip magazine, is back in action. Determined to turn over a new leaf, you will see how she’s juggling courtrooms and complicated cases, and, yes, her personal life that’s messier than a spaghetti explosion. As Abigail attempts to rebuild her relationship with ex-hubby Harry, the Spence & Bianchi law firm transforms into a makeshift therapy session for this eclectic family.

In season 3, each episode unveils a fresh layer of the family’s dysfunction, blending legal twists, personal dilemmas, and a sprinkle of absurdity. Will Abigail triumph over her turbulent past, or will the courtroom become her personal comedy stage? Mark your calendar and be prepared to watch Family Law Season 3 outside the US with PureVPN.

What is the episode count of Family Law Season 3?

Family Law Season 3 will have ten gripping episodes; check the details below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAir Date (CW)
1What Came First?January 17, 2024
2A River in EgyptJanuary 24, 2024
3It’s the End of the World as We Know ItJanuary 31, 2024
4Play It StraightFebruary 7, 2024
5Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceFebruary 14, 2024
6When the Chip Hits the FanFebruary 21, 2024
7Bass FishingFebruary 28, 2024
8Where There’s a WillMarch 6, 2024
9To The End of LoveMarch 13, 2024 (expected)
10The Chickens Come Home to RoostMarch 20, 2024 (expected)

What is the genre of Family Law Season 3?

Family Law Season 3 is primarily classified as a legal drama featuring comedy, family dynamics, and character-driven storytelling elements.

Official cast

These are the official Family Law Season 3 cast members:

Main Cast:

  • Jewel Staite as Abigail Bianchi
  • Victor Garber as Harry Svensson
  • Zach Smadu as Daniel Svensson
  • Genelle Williams as Lucy Svensson
  • Lauren Holly as Judith Thompson
  • Bobbi Charlton as Angela Svensson

Recurring Cast:

  • Ryan Lino as Marco Moretti
  • Bj Harrison as Frank Bianchi
  • Eden Summer Gilmore as Sofia Bianchi
  • Vincent Walsh as Judge Lawrence McIntosh
  • Greta Hodgkinson as Nina Svensson
  • Oliver Becker as Ben Carmichael
  • Kathryn Greenwood as Olivia Svensson
  • Adrian Holmes as Jake Newman
  • Sarah Waisglass as Emma Svensson
  • Tegan Ryerson as Emily Sweeney
  • Paul McGillion as Patrick Bianchi


  • Kevin Hanchard as Marcus Williams
  • Nicole Parker as Sarah Chen
  • Clare Calbraith as Dr. Helen Yang
  • Emily Hampshire as Vanessa Tanaka
  • Patrick Sabongui as Dr. Mark Davis
  • Chelah Horsdal as Lisa Walker
  • Alisha Newton as Zoe Patterson
  • Andrew Phung as David Nguyen
  • Jessica Holmes as Detective Sarah Lewis

Official trailers

The hype on social media 

Check the tweets below to see the excitement on Twitter about Family Law Season 3:

Frequently asked questions

Is The CW free?

No subscription is needed for The CW. Download the app for free on your iOS or Android phone.

Can I watch Family Law Season 3 for free?

Certainly! You can watch Family Law Season 3 for free on The CW streaming platform. Dive into Family Law Season 3 without cost – it’s a complimentary viewing experience!

Can I watch Family Law Season 3 on Netflix?

No. Since Family Law Season 3 is a CW production, it is currently unavailable on Netflix.

What else can I watch on The CW?

The CW offers a diverse range of titles with a subscription:

How has Family Law Season 3 been received by critics?

The show has received praise for its strong performances, intricate characters, and timely storylines.

Is Family Law Season 3 a standalone season, or should I watch the previous seasons first?

While Season 3 is a continuation, it’s designed to be accessible to new viewers. However, watching previous seasons may provide additional context.

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