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How to watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US on ITVX

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Get ready for an emotional journey and watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US like never before! Follow Leigh Shaw, played by the fabulous Elizabeth Olsen, as she navigates the twists and turns of life after the sudden loss of her husband, Matt. With a stellar cast, including Kelly Marie Tran and Jovan Adepo, Sorry for Your Loss is your ticket to a raw, powerful, and utterly captivating exploration of life, love, and the strength found in unexpected places. 

Regrettably, you cannot access ITVX in the US due to regional restrictions. But fret not! You can still watch Sorry for Your Loss in US with the help of a reliable VPN. It can bypass geo-blocks by replacing your IP with the UK one, and you will appear as a native viewer.

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How to watch Sorry for Your Loss in US on ITVX

Sadly, you won’t watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US as it is only available in the UK. With a reliable VPN like PureVPN, you can bypass all geo-blocks by masking your IP address. As well as enjoying your favorite shows whenever you want.

Follow the steps below to get started with PureVPN:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN subscription.
  2. Download the PureVPN app on your device. 
  3. Connect to a UK-based server.
  4. Go to the ITVX app website, log in, or sign up for a new account.
  5. Search the show and Voila! You can watch Sorry for Your Loss in US!

watch Sorry for Your Loss on ITVX

Why is ITVX restricted in the US?

Access to ITVX from locations outside the UK is limited due to content licensing agreements between the platform and production studios. These agreements specify that the content is exclusively accessible within designated geographic regions, primarily the UK.

Fortunately, you can freely watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US with a simple solution – PureVPN. Using PureVPN, you can bypass regional restrictions by altering your IP address, making it appear like you are a native viewer.

Plot summary

In Sorry for Your Loss, Leigh Shaw’s world shatters with the sudden death of her husband, Matt. Adrift in grief, she grapples with anger, loneliness, and self-destructive tendencies. Her younger sister, Jules, offers support, while Matt’s best friend, Danny, becomes a crucial anchor. 

However, unresolved family dynamics and Matt’s hidden secrets complicate their paths. Through therapy, Leigh faces uncomfortable truths, delving into past traumas and Matt’s final days. The show explores the messy, nonlinear grief journey, with moments of dark humor and unexpected connections emerging despite profound loss. As Leigh confronts her anger and vulnerability, she finds strength in unexpected places, ultimately learning to rebuild her life, one imperfect step at a time.

The hype on social media

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Official trailer

Watch the Sorry for Your Loss trailer here:

What are the episode count and runtime of Sorry for Your Loss

SeasonEpisode NumberEpisode TitleRuntime (minutes)Release Date
11Pivot26September 18, 2018
2The Wake26September 18, 2018
3Withdrawal26September 25, 2018
4San Jose26October 2, 2018
517 Unheard Messages26October 9, 2018
6Bathtub27October 16, 2018
7Insurance28October 23, 2018
8Welcome to Palm Springs28October 30, 2018
9Thanksgiving27November 6, 2018
10Grounded32November 13, 2018
21Middle Finger, Thumbs Up28October 1, 2019
2Arthur26October 8, 2019
3Mr. Greer28October 15, 2019
4Vacation26October 22, 2019
5Spin28October 29, 2019
6Anniversary26November 5, 2019
7The Library26November 12, 2019
8The Book of Dennis28November 19, 2019

Official cast

Sorry for Your Loss cast includes:

Main Cast

  • Elizabeth Olsen as Leigh Shaw
  • Kelly Marie Tran as Jules Shaw
  • Jovan Adepo as Danny Greer
  • Mamoudou Athie as Matt Greer
  • Janet McTeer as Amy Shaw

Supporting Cast

  • Zack Robidas as Drew Shaw
  • Don McManus as Dr. Budd
  • Lauren Robertson as Stephanie

IMDb rating

IMDb users rated Sorry for Your Loss 7.5 out of 10.

Frequently asked questions

How can I watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US ?

Using a reliable VPN like PureVPN, you can access the UK’s ITVX service and watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US!  

Can I watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US for free?

Yes, you can watch Sorry for Your Loss for free in the UK because ITVX is a free platform; however, for the US, you need a reliable VPN like PureVPN to get rid of geo-restrictions.

What else can I watch on ITVX?

Check out these fantastic series and movies on ITVX:

PureVPN – The best VPN to watch Sorry for Your Loss in the US

PureVPN has dozens of VPN servers in the UK to give you hassle-free access to ITVX from anywhere.

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