Independent Praise for PureVPN: Validation and Success

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Independent praise is the cornerstone of any successful business, a means by which consumers can make intelligent decisions regarding one brand versus another. The same is true of technology, an industry governed by change, innovation, advances and an ongoing quest for improved quality and mass replication.

Apply that principle to the world of virtual private networks, and one thing is clear: PureVPN stands apart from the competition; the company is – and the brand shall forever be – the ultimate standard for excellence in its respective field. And thankfully, that reputation resonates among journalists worldwide.

Alexandra Kael, a freelance writer and editor who covers technology, recently joined us for a discussion about these issues — and her comments are a testament to the popularity of PureVPN. "I admire PureVPN's leadership and its demonstrable record of success. The company has an emphasis on attentive service and global reach. As someone who has used – and continues to use – virtual private networks, I believe PureVPN is the proverbial gold standard," says Ms. Kael. Gracious words, indeed. You can hear the entire discussion at,

Reporter Bio

Alexandra Kael is a freelance technology editor and writer. A graduate of the City University of New York, with a degree in liberal arts, she covers telecommunications, media and business. She resides in Orange County, California.


Raw Transcript


Welcome – PureVPN Introduction

Welcome! This is Levis Fein and we have another great show for you today… talking specifically about PureVPN… that you are not familiar with the brand I encourage you to go to the website which is PureVPN.COM. They are leaders in Virtual Private Networks giving consumer and businesses, individuals and gamers security and peace of mind they want and deserve while of so offering easy access to services including Client Connection, Windows Start-up, search suggestion tools and efficient friendly 24 hours support 7 days a week. All of those things taken together from my advantage point are a key assets and they are a way to properly distinguish this brand from the competition which neither has the length of service, the credibility nor the independent testimonials to compare and one person who is going to be joining us today is Alexandra Kael, she is freelance technology reporter and someone who cover this space and someone who was a great deal with of familiarity with Virtual Private Networks and our conversation off the air I had a chance to learn from Alexandra to what she believes is such importance for PureVPN and in turn to get some of her comments about where she thinks is state of an industry is trending and from her own day to day use of this networks what she expects and what she thinks separate PureVPN from the competition.. sets it apart and makes it a leader in its field . So, we that preamble I am going to bring Alexandra on the program.

Levis Fein: Alexandra thank you so much for joining us today.

Alexandra: And Thank you for having me.

Why PureVPN?

Levis Fein: Now we talked off the air at length about VPN and your experience using them for a number of top Fortune 500 companies. What attracted you to PureVPN?

Alexandra: Well, PureVPN in my opinion is incredible and a company that operates several servers in different countries which is huge. I logged on their website they have very strong testimonials; they have very supportive support staff, you can chat with online and they seem to be very responsive and that is very important with VPN.

PureVPN Ease of Use & Reliability

Levis Fein: Then you also said.. I just want to share this correspondence that we exchanged on the air just based on your comment about VPN in general and you said “in my past experiences VPN while extremely necessary are not necessarily up to the standard I would expect some of the clients that their service including some major television network of which MTV is one.. in reviewing the website for I am impressed by two key factors one is the depth- the number of countries in which you have server locations and the security that you provide and secondly is that fact PureVPN again based on what you have listed on your website  helps clients that include (but are not limited to) private businesses , individuals may be overseas (in countries) in which the internet is restricted and gamers who also want to get online in due so with speed and maximum security, all of those things attract me to PureVPN and seem to suggest that your company stands apart from competition. So, I thank you first for the testimonial but secondly Alexandra why do think these competitors without naming names don’t measure up to what you have seen from PureVPN?

Alexandra: Well, it is important to be able to access when you have these larger companies that have offices in all the major cities and countries and world… it is important to have to be able to plug-in and have that network expand… you know that large arena if you will. So, some of the other companies don’t have that …they tend to not to be world based and also with PureVPN… they seem to be on the up-n-up and you know our key to connect via Facebook, Twitter they seem to be forward thinking and arena getting being plugged in socially and get accessible, you can chat online with them live just very responsive and customer services is the really important thing in something like this because if you are travelling and you know working for a larger company you need to be get online and if you have any problem it needs to happen immediately.

PureVPN Reach and 24×7 Support.

Levis Fein: That is a good point and it deserves repeating, the 24 hours support staff that you can interact with through PureVPN is a distinguishing factor in contrast with the competition because if you have questions you will get them answered and if you have concerns or you have issues relating to anything that it may involve setup or questions about different applications it helps… but Alexandra I also want to get your thoughts on.. coming back to this concept having a number of countries for server locations so you can switch and you can appear as if you are online in this country or that country not only to protect your safety and security as a user. But also there is a global network of support you had remarked off the air that some of these other VPN(s) don’t have a depth of service to really position themselves as global companies as a result they become more expensive service. Tell us more about that.

Alexandra: Well you know, you have to again one travelling and working with all these different countries in a larger company you need to be able to logon and to have quick fast service that’s not dropped and you can trust when you are travelling to Sweden, especially if you are based in United States and you are travelling to a country where you don’t speak their language and you need to be able to  get online immediately whether it is a hand held device or on your laptop or on your iPad whatever it may be. So just having that ease when travelling.. being under you know these business restrictions and what not, you need to have an ease to carry on your work whenever you can.

Levis Fein : And again I would remind people when you have that global reach and server locations in United States, Canada, Great Britain and elsewhere and there are many other countries I am just giving you a snapshot of some of them you have the support including the country like Ireland for example Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Romania, Sweden which is one that you mentioned Luxembourg and many others but the point being when you have that global reach you don’t have to worry about service being compromised or having other technical problems and the efficient friendly support you get from the staff at PureVPN matters. Alexandra, just another point and again this comes back to some of our correspondence off the air… you write about these issues quite frequently and one of the thing you said and again it does in my opinion deserve repeating said that “the other VPN networks in contrast to don’t have as many server locations but they don’t have anywhere near the number of years of experience or the credibility in a market” so you said to me that you will have some hesitancy in using them sometimes they were the only provider that a company was using but you still had hesitancy about them because you experienced the problem, services was compromised and the pricing was never very affordable. If you can elaborate on that please?

Alexandra: Well, the pricing is very… I think PureVPN has been in business long enough that they understand you know the pricing that company should be paying for their services and some people won’t deny that some time they really don’t know, what to charge and sometimes they over charge and they don’t give you the product you are looking for. So, to that it is nice to know that PureVPN has such a longtime in the business and again their forward thinking mentality and as far as even their website is very just kind of its very informative, very clean you know that what you are doing and they are involved in *techchrunches * theme and it is very accessible etc etc.

PureVPN Compatibility

Levis Fein: And I want to remind listeners that with PureVPN one of the things they are going to get is the service that works across multiple platforms that something again Alexandra you spoke to earlier. Some of the other VPN services either work on one may be two platform and handful of devices .With PureVPN you are going to get accessibility with Windows, Linux, Macintosh and then other devices that supports those operating systems, that is the key because if you look at competition by in large they structure services for one platform may be two but the pricing is at least double what it is at PureVPN and here is the ironic part… those competitors without naming names don’t have anywhere near the experience or credibility in the market place. You mentioned to me Alexandra… when I want to get your closing thoughts on this…she said “look I work with devices that support different platforms sometime I have a Blackberry which is supplied by my editor… sometimes I am on an iPad which I own… other times I am on PC Laptop and sometime I am using a Mac Air book so I need to be able to access VPN that is going support all of those different standard .Tell us about that?

Alexandra: Yes I need something that I can use on all of my different devices and you need something that is user friendly and I use something you know is going to be fast sometime I am looking for a video, reading blogs, Hulu, Netflix, all these various companies. You just really need to stay plugged in and stay on to your network and you need to make sure that this ofcourse  does not drop and I don’t have time to kind of you know be re-logging in so I feel efficiency and friendly support of this company is great.

PureVPN very briefly

Levis Fein: And you write about this space.. again… for the people who may just be  joining us we have with us Alexandra Kael. She is a freelance technology writes and reporter and someone with whom I had been in correspondence and had an opportunity at length to review the website for PureVPN and she herself has used Virtual Private Network in her past both with her employers and on assignment. I just want to get your closing thoughts Alexandra on what you would say to someone who would be considering PureVPN and some of the competition what would your case otherwise be for PureVPN.

Alexandra: I think they have the experience, they have the knowledge, they have the knowhow, they have the interaction… again the biggest thing for me is the customer support and if you can give me that  customer support and kind of assurance and security for a network such as this, then its no-brainer (laughs).

Levis Fein : And I hope, we can quote you on that because when people go to the website for they can see that we operate in over 17 countries with 50+ servers and counting you are going to get ease of use and that’s very innovative and intuitive and its efficient friendly support backed by staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you will bypass internet restrictions which is key, because If you are overseas  you may be in a situation where access to the internet is heavily policed or restricted and you still want to get online to do your work and access content and access gaming is that something that you are also interested in and you want to do with unlimited speed and unlimited server switches that is also key… these other VPN companies don’t have that or they are offering it at substantially higher price and off course we have any number of satisfied customers who have volunteered and offered their  testimonials unsolicited and we have number of global partner all of which you can see on our website PureVPN.COM. For right now, once again inclosing I want to thank Alexandra Kael for coming on the program she is a freelance technology reporter, she is based in the Pacific North West and she took the time today to speak with us and to offer her opinion not only on PureVPN but the state of market, her experience with Virtual Private Networks and why the services available through are so different and superior for the benefit of consumers, businesses and gamers throughout the world. Alexandra, I want to thank you once again for coming on today and thank you of course for offering your support in letting us share some of the correspondence that you exchanged with me on the air. Thanks you so much.

Alexandra: You are welcome. Thank you for having me.

Levis Fein: My pleasure. Folks it is, you can learn by going to the website, if you have any questions you can contact the company directly. I am Levis Fein thanks for joining us today.    




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