Port Forwarding for Kodi

Port Forwarding for Kodi 

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Kodi is a fantastic multimedia player; however, its accessibility is limited. The routers are primarily not programmed to allow incoming network requests, and you will need to open ports to access it on your pc or phone. This guide will help you to port forward for Kodi. 

Port Forwarding for Kodi

Requirements for port forwarding 

The requirements for port forwarding Kodi are: 

IP Address: You must know the IP address of your router. 

IP Address of Server: You must know the internal IP address of the Media service server. 

TCP and UDP: The information on the TCP and UDP ports for port forwarding. 

How to locate the IP address of your router 

Turn on your router device to see the IP address from the back or bottom of your device. If you cannot find it, call your router’s company for your assistance or look for your default IP address online with your router’s company name. 

Kodi TCP & UDP 

The default IP address TCP & UDP are:

TCP: 1084, 1131, 1308, 8080, 9090

UDP: 1900, 9777, 12374

Step-by-step guidance on how to forward ports for Kodi

These are some simple steps to forward ports for Kodi. 

  1. Open your browser. Enter your router’s IP address. 
  2. Search for the router’s port forwarding section. 
  3. In the proper box, put the IP address of your media server device. 
  4. Enter the TCP and UDP IP address of Kodi in the relevant boxes. Save the changes. 
  5. Now restart the router to make the changes effective. 

Port forwarding through a VPN

Is port forwarding difficult for you? If yes, then you may use the PureVPN port forwarding add-on. PureVPN has a powerful port forwarding add-on that makes it easy for users to enjoy automatic port forwarding. Port forwarding is not only valuable for open ports, but it also makes the network secure. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which port is best for port forwarding? 

Generally, the best ports for port forwarding are 10, 21, 22, 25, 53, and 80, and others for FTP, SSH, SMTP, DNS, and HTTP. 

How do I enable port forwarding? 

You may enable port forwarding by setting the router’s settings with the help of device IP, server IP, and UDP and TCP IP addresses. 

Why can’t I port forward 3074?

If you are having trouble in port forwarding 3074, it means other services already configure this port. 




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