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An In-depth Guide to PureVPN Add-ons

PureVPN is known for setting industry standards with the introduction of ingenious security-centric features and privacy add-ons that combat cyberattacks and keep you protected 24/7.

While the app is equipped with security features, the additional add-ons amplify and further solidify your online experience, keeping you secure against any and all malicious entities on the web.

Port Forwarding Add-on

Port Forwarding is the process of transforming your Internet Protocol (IP) information into small packets that travel to the intended destination. It is used in Wi-Fi routers, like the one installed in your home.

What is Port Forwarding & How does Port Forwarding Work?

What does Port Forwarding do?

What Port Forwarding does is that it allows many devices, such as your desktop computers, laptops, games consoles, mobile phones, and other internet-enabled smart devices with their network address, to connect to the internet using the one external IP that your ISP assigns you.

More about Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding builds a shield and hides the IP address of the device that originates data – an advantage when masking an IP address from snoopers. However, the lack of traceability may make it hard for you to troubleshoot in the event of network errors.

You have to understand that in every data packet, the sender’s IP and the receiver’s IP must be encoded to eliminate any chances of eavesdropping and PureVPN takes care of that efficiently.

Limitations of Port Forwarding

Configuring Port Forwarding is a complicated process that requires technical know-how, which is why PureVPN’s Port Forwarding add-on takes a headache away, making your life easier.

PureVPN’s Port Forwarding

PureVPN’s Port Forwarding gives your internet connection an added layer of online security by blocking any unwanted inbound traffic and creating a securely encrypted wall.

What’s interesting is that you don’t need to setup anything manually to get the extra security of Port Forwarding because it runs at the server end, keeping your devices secure when connected to PureVPN.

Since the unrecognized internet packets are automatically discarded, the Port Forwarding process acts as an intuitive but effective internet firewall that blocks all unwanted incoming traffic, unless it is in response to a previously sent outgoing request.

Who Should Subscribe to This Add On?

We highly recommend all internet users to subscribe to PureVPN’s Port Forwarding add-on, especially those individuals who are primarily worried about their online security and want to employ an extra layer of protection on incoming data.

It doesn’t require any extra settings, so you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to use this add-on. PureVPN’s Port Forwarding is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & routers.

Get Port Forwarding VPN & Open All Ports for any Purpose

Dedicated IP Add-on

A dedicated IP is your unique identification on the web that does not belong to anyone else but you. The basic rundown is that when you use a VPN, you’re assigned an anonymous, secure shared IP which allows you to conduct secure online activities.

However, if you get a dedicated IP, that IP address won’t be shared and remain exclusive to you.

What does a Dedicated IP do?

A dedicated IP refines your internet experience by granting website owners direct and uninterrupted access to their websites at any time of the day. Additionally, it is beneficial when sending an email as it improves the email sender’s reputation – ensuring that your email lands right into the Inbox, rather in junk. Lastly, it is an ideal way to host your website as it improves your business identity – customers don’t have to wait longer for your website to load.

More about Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP ensures faster response during periods of high traffic load and uses an SSL certificate at the back-end for added security.

As a dedicated IP address is exclusively yours, you might choose to serve different sites from that IP address, but you’re ultimately in control of who’s using it.

Limitations of a Dedicated IP

While a dedicated IP may benefit your page load speed, it does not guarantee to improve your rankings when it comes to search engine results.

PureVPN’s Dedicated IP

PureVPN’s Dedicated IP provides users with a static IP that is only assigned to them. A user has the choice to choose a dedicated IP from their desired region to help them with their online requests.

Apart from keeping users safe online, the dedicated IP add-on also helps the user access sensitive accounts without any suspicion or risk including banks, corporate databases, emails, etc.

An important point to note here is that a Dedicated IP can only be connected on one device, but if a user sets up the dedicated IP on their router, then all the devices connected to it will get the same dedicated IP address.

Who Should Subscribe to This Add-On?

All those people who require a static IP to access their financial, corporate, or personal accounts should get a dedicated IP. If a user is unwilling to use shared IPs and wants to have full control over their IP, then they should get a dedicated IP for themselves.

Currently, PureVPN offers Dedicated IPs for the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. Moreover, PureVPN’s Dedicated IP can be configured on Windows, Mac, Android (Via manual configuration), iOS & routers.

Get Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection Add-on

Dedicated IP with DDoS protection is also a static IP, but it is equipped with security features to prevent and thwart the worst DDoS attack. Not only does it help users get a static IP on every connection, but it also keeps them protected from DDoS attacks of the worst kind.

Like Port Forwarding add-on, you don’t need to setup anything extra for DDoS protection add-on since it works at the server’s end.

What Does DDoS Protection Do?

DDoS protection automatically detects and mitigates attacks targeting websites and web applications. This protects your network infrastructure, keeping you and your employees connected to the network and safe from malicious code and malware.

More about DDoS Protection

DDoS protection will detect, combat and eliminate all online attacks coming your way. DDoS attacks have the potential to exploit application and server vulnerabilities through massive botnets which can completely disrupt your network and digital assets.

Limitations of DDoS

Attackers who are carrying out a DDoS attack first have to gather a large number of systems to make this type of attack a success. The reason is that a DDoS attack requires multiple devices to send traffic to a system to temporarily halt a server’s processing.

PureVPN’s DDoS Protection

PureVPN’s DDoS protection add-on is capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks of up to 400GBPS for ultimate online protection. PureVPN’s DDoS protection add-on works 24/7 to protect the brand that you’ve established.

Recommended for users who wish to get a static VPN IP with higher connection speed. If you want to prevent a DDoS attack on your connection, then this add-on is for you, especially if you are a gamer or you are running a business website, both of which are at a greater risk of getting DDoSed.

Who Should Subscribe to This Add On?

Businesses and gamers should employ a DDoS protection mechanism to block any incoming attacks. With PureVPN’s DDoS protection add-on, it’s much easier to sleep at night knowing you have the biggest, most experienced name in DDoS mitigation and protection business backing your company and online presence.

Currently, PureVPN offers Dedicated IPs with DDoS Protection from Singapore, Canada & the US. You can employ DDoS Protection on Windows, Mac, Android (Via manual configuration), iOS & routers.

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