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PureVPN’s New Windows Beta App – A Step Closer to Perfection

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PUREVPNPureVPN AppsPureVPN’s New Windows Beta App – A Step Closer to Perfection

We don’t drive our business – your valuable ideas and feedback do!

Are you a PureVPN customer with ideas on how we can improve our service? You’ll be glad to know that we have an exclusive community for our users to submit their suggestions and recommendations.

The platform is aptly named “Ideas” – a place where members of the PureVPN family can directly share ideas with our product team! Every innovation and development offered by PureVPN so far wouldn’t have been possible without the valuable suggestions submitted to Ideas by our users.

PureVPN is Looking for Beta Testers!

PureVPN is inviting Beta Testers to put the new Windows app through its paces. This will give users the unparalleled opportunity to test everything from navigation to connectivity options and share their findings with us.

Your feedback is essential to us in terms of understanding how we can improve, and we hope PureVPN users continue to help us progress. So, interested? You’re welcome to join our active Beta Community on Slack today.

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Windows Beta Test

Once you have signed up for the app, use it and share your valuable comments.




June 20, 2023


6 months ago

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