Content Filtering

What is Content Filtering?

Content filtering, also called web content filtering, refers to the use of software or even hardware-based solutions for screening and excluding content that is deemed intrusive, harmful, or objectionable on web pages, in emails, etc. It’s used by companies to implement an appropriate Internet usage and access policy.

For instance, to filter sites which are unrelated to work or host malware and exploits. Content filtering is also used at homes and schools to prevent children from accessing content that is offensive or questionable, such as hate and pornographic sites.

Types of Internet Content Filters

While a content filter can help you meet these needs, which type is actually worth your while? These filters are implemented in different ways, like via browser or a client. Here are the most common types of filtering:

There was a time when you could browse the internet in peace, just like there was a time when you could watch TV, or listen to your radio without having to see or listen to frustrating ads that have zero concern with you whatsoever.

Search Engine Filters

Most search engines offer users a safe search option that can be turned on and off. Though it will filter out explicit content from your search results, search engine filters are easy to circumvent, especially if the user knows the URL of the site they are looking to access.

Browser-Based Filters

Browser-based filters are typically implemented by installing and adding a third-party add-on or extension to your preferred browser. This is the most lightweight content filtering solution available to you, but can be bypassed without much effort by switching browsers

DNS-Based Filters

This type of content filtering is imposed at DNS level and prevents users from accessing domains that do not fit within a set of predetermined policies. There are many DNS services out there that provide filtering as one of their services.

Email Filters

As the name implies, an email filter analyzes content contained in the mail’s body, header, and attachments. It then classifies, accepts or rejects the mail according to the specific rules and conditions defined by you.

Network-Based Filters

Network-based filters are implemented as a transport proxy or web proxy to supervise and protect the network from unsafe and unsavory content that users might try to access. You can also customize your content filtering capabilities to block certain sites or different categories of content.

Client-Side Filters

These types of content filters are directly installed and configured on each individual computer or mobile device. Since they are usually not controlled centrally, they can be uninstalled, disabled, or managed by users with administrative privileges.

Why PureVPN Introduced its Content Filtering?

Digital advertising is getting more pervasive and intrusive day by day. These distractions slow down page load times by a great margin, leave you exposed to malware and other threats such as adware, and clutter websites making it difficult to view the content you want.

They also increase your bandwidth usage considerably and even go as far as invading your privacy by tracking your online behavior across multiple sites. After all, that is exactly how you are served with ads that are so relevant to your interests!

For these reasons, PureVPN decided the time was right to introduce its own content filtering capabilities. Users can now have complete control over their browsing experience and the ads they can see, regardless of which browser they are using.

Content Filtering

Reasons You Need Our Content Filter

Increases Page Load Times

Ads slow down loading times to the point where visitors just don’t have the patience to wait for a web page to load. When PureVPN’s content filtering stops the elements associated with online ads, your browser can focus on loading your content, such as the TV show you want stream, at a faster rate that too without any hurdles.

Makes Your Browsing De-Cluttered

PureVPN’s content filtering ensures that you get to enjoy uninterrupted browsing on your device, free from all sorts of ads that ruin your online experience. This means cleaner web pages, no annoying popups, and no uninvited images or sound effects!

Prevents Advertisers from Tracking You

Advertisers want to show you ads that are most relevant to you. For that, they monitor what you do online and collect information about you and your online activities by using tracking technologies. By activating PureVPN’s content filtering, you can stop advertisers from keeping tabs on your digital footprint.

Helps You Save Money

If you like mobile browsing, you will be surprised to know that ads chew through at least half of your data plan when visiting news sites! PureVPN’s content filtering takes away these ads on your favorite sites so there is less data to download, which is good news for your wallet as you save money on your data bill.

Safer Browsing Experience

Did you know that ads are not just irritating and invasive, but also present a real threat to your online security? Cybercriminals use a tactic called malvertising to disguise malware in ads and push those malicious ads to sites through ad networks. With PureVPN’s content filtering, you can block these kinds of ads for more secure browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Get PureVPN’s Content Filter?
Getting our Content Filter is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. All you got to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Order Page and sign up for a PureVPN account.

  2. Download and install the PureVPN app/client for your device.

  3. Every subscription plan includes PureVPN’s Ozone features, including Content Filtering, without costing you anything extra.

Q. Is PureVPN’s Content Filtering Supported by All Browsers?
That’s right! Since our Content Filter blocks all kinds of pesky ads at server-level, you can rest assured that you will get an ad free browsing experience on any browser, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc

Q. How Does Content Filter Work?
PureVPN’s Content Filter keeps our servers ad-free so that you do not have to install any additional extension or app on your device. You will just have to activate the feature from the app to browse online without any disturbances!



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