How to Get a Hong Kong IP Address

Get shared or dedicated HK IP to easily connect to remote networks securely or access local HK content from abroad

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How to Connect to a Hong Kongese IP


Step 1

Log into PureVPN


Step 2

Scroll to find Hong Kong


Step 3

Click to connect!

How to Get a Hong Kong IP Address

The best option that is currently available to you is a virtual private network with services in the country you want. What makes VPN preferable over a proxy service is encryption, which is the first and foremost requirement for safer internet browsing.

PureVPN guarantees VPN users around the world highly-secure VPN servers, better performance, and speedy internet experience. Moreover, you can connect to any of provided servers in Hong Kong.

PureVPN's Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP allows users to securely access remote networks through one white-listed IP. Similarly, users who wish to access private networks securely, such as an IP camera surveillance network, need a dedicated IP


To get PureVPN’s dedicated IP, you would have to first select your plan and choose Dedicated IP from the Add-ons. Once that is done, all you would have to do is select a desired country which is Hong Kong in this case. If you don’t know how to configure a static IP on your preferred device, you may check out the following support guide.


31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Benefits of a Hong Kongese IP Address

There are numerous benefits of getting a HK Dedicated IP:

Access Online Stores

The country-specific IP address can be used to access online stores and other portals that may be banned or unavailable in the host country.

Access Games

HK is also known for getting early-access online and offline games which is what makes the IP address sought after by international gamers


There are many national streaming services like Viu that are not accessible outside Hong Kong. If you have HK IP address, you can access the service from anywhere.