PureVPN In The News

PureVPN is committed to preserving and respecting an individual's right to complete internet freedom, privacy, & security. It is because of this staunch commitment that PureVPN is applauded by media quite often.

PureVPN Unblock Netflix Seamlessly

Comparitech | 18 May, 2018

We were able to seamlessly access US Netflix with PureVPN. It does indeed unblock Netflix and many other streaming sites.

How to access BBC iPlayer

Reviewsfire | 15 Jun, 2018

"I recommend using PureVPN (with a dedicated IP) highly enough. It's fast, affordable, and more importantly... it works!"

Reliable VPN delivering privacy for streamers

Top10VPN | 02 November, 2018

PureVPN is a budget VPN offering reliable performance across a truly global server network and its a fantastic choice for frequent streamers and those who want to tighten up security while browsing on the move.

VPNs are designed to protect online privacy by disguising your identity

Mac.Informer | 09 December, 2014

PureVPN is an Internet service that facilitates your connection to VPN servers. This application is designed to protect online privacy by disguising your identity. The utility provides a complex VPN network that allows easy access to hundreds of VPN servers located in different countries worldwide. This way, you will navigate the Internet freely and anonymously, covered by safe IP addresses.

PureVPN Review by VPNRanks.com

VPN Ranks | 31 July, 2015

A VPN service provider is nothing without a good server spread and PureVPN seems to know this quite clearly. A good server spread is sensibly distributed to give users maximum online anonymity, accessibility and security. But PureVPN goes a step further and includes server in those countries as well, where the internet freedom is TRULY considered as a blessing because of strict censorship policies.

PureVPN Review by USAVPN.com

USA VPN | 22 January, 2016

PureVPN – the name has emerged as a leading VPN brand in the industry over the past few years. PureVPN impresses from the outset. With comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website, money-back guarantee, approx a million downloads and 24/7/365 friendly customer support, it gives you the feeling that you are being served by professional.

PureVPN Review by Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot | 16 August, 2016

Make sure your personal data and Internet activity are never exposed with the extremely reliable VPN trusted by over a million users. PureVPN’s self-managed VPN network has a wider reach (550+ servers nodes in 141 countries) and allows more simultaneous device connections (five) than pretty much any other VPN out there.

PureVPN Review by BestVPNProvider.com

Best VPN Provider | 21 August, 2015

'PureVPN is a great option for netizens who are concerned about their online privacy and require a solution to protect their identity in USA, Europe, Australia and China. Our PureVPN Review discovered that PureVPN is established with a vast offering of tunneling protocols to ensure subscribers can secure themselves depending on their type of use.'

PureVPN Review by TopTenReviews.com

Top Ten Reviews | 16 June, 2016

The best proxy services on the market provide dependable and secure internet connections over a virtual private network. PureVPN is a web proxy service that provides all of the features listed above and a few additional features that serve to make your experience as a user more secure and pleasant. For these reasons and more, PureVPN is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner in proxy services.

PureVPN Review by VPNAnalysis

VPN Analysis | 1 April, 2016

PureVPN proved itself as an excellent VPN service with optimum security, convenience and versatile features. With more than 500 servers in 101 countries, PureVPN is admired for it great speed and feasible prices. Plenty of customization options, compatibility with almost all devices and all popular operating system makes PureVPN one of the favorite VPN service.

PureVPN Review by BestReviews.com

Best Reviews | 13 March, 2015

We were more than satisfied with the performance of PureVPN. The overwhelming number of locations, wide device support and multiple protocol types has simply blown us away. PureVPN also deserves a medal for completing their service with such important features as the kill switch, SSL, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, split tunneling, NAT firewall and the virtual router function that raises the cap for connectable devices up to 10.

PureVPN Review by VPNFan.com

VPN Fan | 15 June, 2016

The PureVPN network includes most continents. They have servers in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania, and South America. They have a fast VPN network as illustrated by our speed test.

PureVPN Review by FIPE.net

FIPE | 15 October, 2015

PureVpn, has advantages over other services. With over 500 servers in 141 countries, PureVPN offers a level of versatility that is sure to help them replace Hide-My-Ass. Using PureVPN means no bandwidth limitations and a highly safe connection all the time.

PureVPN Review by Gizmo's Freeware

Gizmo's Freeware | 24 June, 2016

Hong Kong based PureVPN offers very a fast VPN service offering 500+ servers in 141 countries. There are highly configurable clients for both Windows and Mac users both of which offer the very attractive option of allowing users to select the best server based on purpose rather than simply geographical location.

PureVPN Review by MostSecureVPN

MostSecureVPN | 27 October 2016

PureVPN once a service for the corporations has grown into a global phenomenon in protecting the privacy of people across the globe. With its cutting edge technology, capabilities, and special features it has revolutionized the use of VPN from complexity to as easy-as-possible, while taking your security and privacy as its utmost priority.

PureVPN Review by VPNPick

VPNPick | 11 November 2016

PureVPN's service is one of the better, more complete option available on the market today. They have solidified their position in the industry by providing secure encryption matched with the most important functions. Beyond having global coverage, deep packet inspection protection, a kill switch, split-tunneling, and feature rich apps are only some of the perks offered.

PureVPN Review by Anonymster

Anonymster | 22 February 2016

PureVPN is a reliable VPN connection. It has a "no-logs" policy for added security. The PureVPN apps are compatible with all the most important services and the connection can be configured on almost every router. The price is excellent considering the service and the many add-ons that comes with it.

PureVPN Review by Hostingpill

HOSTINGPILL | 22 August 2017

If you really want a VPN, I’d definitely recommend it—unless you’re extremely nitpicky, it won’t let you down.

PureVPN Review by BESTVPN rating

BESTVPNrating | 12 February 2018

PureVPN is one of the best VPN services that are supplied with the strongest encryption tools designed to provide you with ultimate online security. Having subscribed for PureVPN you will be able to surf the Internet freely and anonymously like never before!

Personal VPN services protects your online activities from prying eyes

PC Mag | 20 April, 2015

As a personal VPN service, PureVPN includes unique features and capabilities that appeal to advanced users. It's easy to use, hides your online activity from eavesdroppers, and allows you to spoof your IP address to view content that is restricted in certain locations.