How to Get German IP Address - A guide for German Expats

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What is a German Dedicated IP?

German Dedicated IP provides Germans with a dedicated Internet Protocol address that facilitates communication over the internet.

A German dedicated IP address is a set of IP numbers that’s just for you. Once you’ve been assigned a dedicated IP, it doesn’t get shared with any other entity.

A German dedicated IP address gets assigned to your domain name, and when you type in that address, it lands you straight to your website.

What Makes a German IP So Desirable?

If you’re visiting a German website from outside the country, you must’ve seen the error message stating, “This content is unavailable in your location.”

With geographical limitations put in place, a German IP address is highly looked-for expats and those concerned about their online privacy and freedom.

With a German IP, you could be anywhere on the globe and gain instant access to the content that’s available in Germany.

Why German Expats Desire a Dedicated IP?

You may find it impossible to access any German streaming channel from outside Germany. Streaming channels such as these are usually bound by geographical licenses that restrict access to the content they have in their libraries. It is because of these licenses that you are unable to access the channel from outside its respective region.

Germany content is the most sought after by people from around the globe. Its high popularity is why users want a dedicated German IP to gain instant access to streaming services. With a German IP, you can stream any local content available in Germany without any caps.

These restrictions are not just limited to people who live outside Germany. Even expats, who travel away from the country for a while, are also barred from accessing the channel.

And these limitations are not just limited to streaming channels. Sometimes, even banking websites are inaccessible from outside the country, which leads to problems for expats who are abroad. Any Germans who travel abroad always find trouble when accessing local websites.

What Do You Get with a PureVPN Dedicated IP?

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