Join the #BadAdGang

The only ad-blocker with a personality that lives up to its promise of protecting you
against ads, malware, and spyware, all without being a sellout!

My Relentless Vendetta

I won't rest until I rid the web of their unholy presence.

  • I stop every darn kind of ad.
  • I ensure you aren't being annoyed.
  • I ensure your privacy remains intact.
  • Malware are the scum of the web.
  • I work proactively; identify them & protect you.
  • They are good at hiding, but I find them & stop them.
  • They constantly gobble up information
  • Information is then sold to the highest bidder.
  • I stop trackers from getting your information
  • This is the latest fad to hit the ad-blocker industry
  • Acceptable ads? Just like taking a bribe.
  • I DON'T accept bribes, PERIOD
  • No ads loading means increased speed for you
  • I save your bandwidth
  • I speed things up, by stopping ads from loading.