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Anonymous Internet Browsing – Safest Way for Surfing the Web

If you are concerned about your identity while browsing internet, you should go for anonymous internet browsing. While using internet you might see it as innocuous and anonymous and wonder how anyone can know about your identity in the endless sea of cyber space. But that is not the case. When you are plugged-in to internet, a lot of information about you like your computer,   geographical location and websites you visit can be accessed by some people. First of all, anyone being able to access such information on the internet is an infringement of your privacy. In order to prevent anyone from using your personal data or identity, you have got no other option than going for anonymous internet browsing.

Concerned  about online security

The very purpose of anonymous internet browsing is to prevent tracking technologies to follow your online activity which might be accessed by other people.  Anonymous surfing allows you to surf without being tracked and no one would be able to see your online activity. Some people might associate anonymous browsing with illegal downloading, hacking,   etc. There can be many reasons for which one might like to remain anonymous while surfing online.  Many a people do it because their employers have got strict internet surfing policies and your access to the internet is restricted. Internet provides a good platform where one can express one’s opinion without being tracked. Some people don’t like information about their location and what they buy to reach advertisers.

Why it is Necessary to Go for Anonymous Internet Browsing?

Though there are many tools available to save your system from hackers and other people who want to get access to your data but it is not  enough to shield  you from the potential threat of data loss or identity theft. Every computer has Internet Protocol (IP) address which acts as your identifier when you surf online. Having an IP is compulsory to receive web pages from a web server. Though IP does not contain any identifiable information about you but your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has got information about you like house number, phone number, credit card information details, etc. ISP vendor can link your IP with personal details. One does not need to worry about ISP giving your information. They operate through   strict privacy policies. However, under national laws, they have to share such details with national security agencies. All this can be helped if get the facility of anonymous internet browsing.

Privacy ensured while surfing

You can always be tracked by IP address. By accessing the information stored on your cookies one can see your web surfing habits. These are small files saved in your Web browser when you visit a Web site. It might contain your log-in and other online activities. Cookies are meant to save your time while visiting a website but they also help advertisers by giving your personal preferences. They come in two types: first party and third party cookies. First party cookies are left in your browsers by websites you visit.  And, third party cookies are left on your computer from advertisers and other parties having information-sharing agreements with the site you visited. In case one is performing a lot of online financial transactions online, he will be at the danger of loss of vital information. So, it is advisable to hide your IP address using software available in the market.  In order to save your vital details like credit card information, it is important that you use anonymous internet browsing.

Various Tools for Enjoying Anonymous Internet Browsing

Using internet proxy server is the one way to enjoy anonymous internet browsing. Although it is used for anonymous browsing but it is not safe enough. The proxy servers don’t use encryption and decryption techniques. So there is always danger of these very servers harvesting your data. It is imperative that you never expose your sensitive data like financial and credit card details to tools like proxy servers.  The same goes for other tools like Anonym.OS LiveCD, Tor and software that hides IP address of your computer. For risk-free anonymous browsing, you must use a secure and safe tool.

VPN is Considered Best for Anonymous Internet Browsing

While surfing on the internet, your activity can be tracked by following by your IP address. Though there are many tools available, the best way to ensure anonymous browsing is by getting the services of virtual private network. The network acts as an encrypted tunnel running through internet. No unencrypted data can enter the tunnel so it is best way to browse online without having to worry about security. Even your IP address is masked while you visit various websites. VPN connection is the best tool for anonymous internet browsing if you are concerned with your online security and privacy.  What is more, it is affordable and advisable if you are doing a lot of shopping online or performing financial online transaction. Obviously, you would not like to expose yourself to identity thefts or data loss.

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