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Prepare for the ultimate showdown as Alex Rider returns in a heart-pounding crescendo of espionage and betrayal! In a twist of fate, our teenage hero confronts his greatest adversary yet: it is a tempest of suspense, weaving a tale of betrayal and redemption. As our valiant hero, Alex, faces his ultimate nemesis, Scorpia, fate hangs in the balance. With each twist and turn, irony dances with destiny, culminating in a climax that shall echo through the annals of television history. Brace yourselves, for the end is nigh, and it shall be glorious!

Regrettably, Alex Rider Season 3 is exclusively premiering on Freevee in the US and UK. To watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside the US, you will need a top-tier VPN service to bypass regional limitations. With a high-quality VPN, you can overcome regional limitations, gain access to Freevee, and have the chance to watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside the US or anywhere in the world.

How to watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside US on Freevee

With PureVPN as your streaming partner, you do not need to worry about how to watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside US. It safely changes your IP address to the US, allowing you to enjoy Freevee’s content worldwide.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US-based server.
  4. Head over to the Amazon Freevee app and login or sign up.
  5. Congratulations! You are all set to watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside the US without any hassle.

watch Alex Rider Season 3 online on Freevee

Where to watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside the US?

Alex Rider Season 3 is premiering on Freevee in the US and UK only. Therefore, you can watch Alex Rider Season 3 outside the US on Freevee using a reliable VPN like PureVPN only.

Why is Freevee inaccessible outside the US?

Amazon Freevee is available exclusively in the US due to regional content barriers imposed by licensing agreements. However, fans can still enjoy Alex Rider Season 3 by using a high-quality VPN like PureVPN. By masking your IP address, PureVPN effectively bypasses Amazon Freevee’s regional limitations, granting you access to the content regardless of your location. This means you can easily watch Alex Rider Season 3 from anywhere in the world, even outside the US!

What is Alex Rider Season 3’s release date?

Alex Rider Season 3 premieres on Friday, April 5, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Freevee in the US and UK.

What is the episode count of Alex Rider Season 3?

Season 3 will consist of eight action-packed episodes. Each episode of Season 3 has a typical runtime of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the storyline of Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis in Season 2?

Alex Rider Season 3 is a ride of espionage escapades! Alex, our teenage super-spy,  finds himself in a whirlwind of danger as he faces off against Scorpia, a nefarious criminal network armed with a superweapon capable of chaos. With his trusty sidekicks, Tom and Kyra, by his side, Alex embarks on his most perilous mission yet. Scorpia has a new boss, and they are cooking up trouble hotter than a volcano! The final season has so much to offer; there will be explosive action sequences, hair-raising chases, and jaw-dropping plot twists as Alex races against time to save the day. Tune into Freevee to see if he will emerge victorious or get tangled in the web of deception. Join the adventure as Alex Rider Season 3 unfolds with non-stop thrills and edge-of-your-seat excitement!

Official cast

The amazing cast of Alex Rider Season 3 includes: 

  • Otto Farrant as Alex Rider
  • Marli Siu as Kyra Vashenko-Chao
  • Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris
  • Vicky McClure as Mrs. Jones
  • Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo as Jack Starbright
  • Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt
  • Sofia Helin as Julia Rothman
  • Shelley Conn as Laura Kellner
  • Kevin McNally as Max Grendel
  • Jason Wong as Nile
  • Charithra Chandran as Sabina Pleasance
  • Thomas Levin as Yassen Gregorovitch
  • Ace Bhatti as John Crawley

What genre does Alex Rider belong to?

Alex Rider falls under the action-adventure and spy thriller genres.

Official trailer

Check out the official trailer of Alex Rider Season 3 below:

The hype on social media 

Check the hype on Twitter about Alex Rider Season 3:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freevee free?

Yes! Amazon Freevee is a free streaming service, so there is no need to spend a penny to enjoy Alex Rider Season 3. Simply log in with your credentials or create a new account, and you are all set to watch it for free.

Does Season 3 follow a specific book from the Alex Rider series?

Yes, Season 3 is adapted from the fifth novel in the series, Scorpia, written by Anthony Horowitz.

Will Season 3 be the last season of Alex Rider?

Yes, Season 3 is the final season of the Alex Rider series.

What else can I watch on Freevee?

Freevee offers a wide range of shows and movies, including:

  •  Pretty Hard Cases
  • Leverage and Leverage: Redemption
  • Monumental: Ellie Goulding at Kew Gardens
  • Moonshine

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