How to watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US on JioCinema

How to watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US on JioCinema

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Hold onto your heartstrings and buckle up for the ride of romantic chaos! Splitsvilla, the ultimate love battleground, is back with its 15th season, and oh boy, it’s juicier than a ripe mango in the summer heat! Hosted by the one and only Sunny Leone and the dashing Tanuj Virwani, this season promises more twists than ever. With contestants from every corner of India and an “Ex-isle” where ex-lovers lurk, get ready for drama, romance, and more drama! Catch all the action on JioCinema. 

However, there’s a slight obstacle: you cannot watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US since Jio Cinema is only accessible in India. Nevertheless, a premium VPN is the best bet to watch Splitsvilla 15 in US instantly. So, read on to learn how PureVPN works:

How to watch Splitsvilla 15 in US JioCinema

With a top-tier VPN such as PureVPN, you can effortlessly overcome geographical barriers and watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US in no time.

 Follow these simple steps to get started: 
  1. Subscribe to PureVPN for free
  2. Download and install the PureVPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to an Indian server.
  4. Head to the JioCinema App and log in or sign up with your credentials.
  5. Congratulations! You are all set to watch Splitsvilla 15 in US.

watch Splitsvilla 15 online

Where to watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US?

You can watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US on Jio Cinema using a premium-quality VPN to get an Indian IP address and access its titles from anywhere. 

Why is Jio Cinema restricted in the US?

Jio Cinema, an Indian streaming platform, is exclusively available to users within India due to agreements with content licensors and location-based restrictions. Whenever you try to watch Splitsvilla in the US, you face an error message that you are in an unsupported region.

However, there’s a workaround: a trusted VPN service like PureVPN lets you watch Splitsvilla 15 in the US. PureVPN alters your online location to India, tricking JioCinema servers into believing you’re within India’s borders. This grants you unrestricted access to their content library, enabling seamless streaming without hassle or additional cost.

What is Splitsvilla 15 release date and time?

Splitsvilla X5 premiered on March 30, 2024, on Jio Cinema. New episodes of Splitsvilla X5 air every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM.

What is Splitsvilla 15 all about? 

Welcome, dear viewers, to the whirlwind romance rollercoaster Splitsvilla X5: ExSqueeze Me Please!, a secluded villa where love hopefuls battle it out in challenges crazier than a circus. But hold on because this season comes with a twist, introducing the Ex-isle, where ex-lovers lurk in the shadows, ready to stir the pot faster than a chef on a cooking show! 

Expect alliances to form faster than gossip spreads at a high school prom, rivalries fiercer than a rap battle between frenemies, and romances hotter than a Bollywood dance number in the desert! Will sparks fly? Will hearts break? With Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani at the helm, expect drama, romance, and enough plot twists to make your head spin! So buckle up because in Splitsvilla X5, love is a battlefield, and the drama is just starting!

What is the cast of Splitsvilla 15?

Here’s the cast of Splitsvilla 15


  •   – Sunny Leone
  •   – Tanuj Virwani


  •   – Addy Jain (Delhi)
  •   – Adit Minocha (Mumbai)
  •   – Akriti Negi (Lucknow)
  •   – Ameha Gurung (Darjeeling)
  •   – Anicka Sharma (Delhi)
  •   – Aniket Lama (Siliguri)
  •   – Arbaz Patel (Aurangabad)
  •   – Ayushmaan Maggu (Raipur)
  •   – Devkaran Sharma (Chandigarh)
  •   – Dewangini Vyas (Udaipur)
  •   – Harsh Arora (Kanpur)
  •   – Jashwanth Bopanna (Coorg)
  •   – Kashish Kapoor (Purnia)
  •   – Khanak Waghnani (Dubai)
  •   – Nidhi Goyal (Bhiwani)
  •   – Niharika “Arica” Porwal (Lucknow)
  •   – Rushali Yadav (Ajmer)
  •   – Shobhika Bali (London)
  •   – Siwet Tomar (Dehradun)
  •   – Yuvraj Bassi (Chandigarh)
  •   – Ishita Rawat (Chandigarh)

Ex-isle Participants:

  •   – Deekila Sherpa (Gangtok)
  •   – Digvijay Singh Rathee (Chandigarh)
  •   – Divyansh Pokharna (Udaipur)
  •   – Lakshay Gaur (Delhi)
  •   – Nayera Ahuja (Bengaluru)
  •   – Daulat “Rahul” Raja (Rohtak)
  •   – Rigden Nadik Bhutia (Kalimpong)
  •   – Ruru Thakur (Delhi)
  •   – Sachin Sharma (Mumbai)
  •   – Unnati Tomar (Delhi)

Official trailer

Here is the trailer for Splitsvilla 15:

The hype on social media:

Let’s have a look at the anticipation for Splitsvilla 15


Is Jio Cinema free?

Yes, JioCinema is a free streaming service with ads that offers its users a wide range of content and a selection of paid content.

Where can I watch Splitsvilla 15 for free?

You can watch Splitsvilla 15 for free on Jio Cinema, as it’s free. However, if you’re in the US, it’s best to opt for a trusted VPN, like PureVPN, to gain access to Jio Cinema. 

What is the concept of Ex-Isle in this season?

Ex-Isle is a new twist where former romantic partners of the contestants reside, adding drama and tension to the show.

Who won the previous season of Splitsvilla?

Soundous Moufakir and Hamid Barkzi were the previous season’s winners, Season 14.

Will there be a reunion episode for Splitsvilla X5?

Yes, typically, there is a reunion episode where contestants reflect on their experiences and relationships.

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