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How to watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US on BBC iPlayer

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Get ready to watch The Apprentice in the US, like a phoenix rising from the boardroom ashes, on Feb 8, 2024! Lord Sugar and his trusty advisors are back, ready to witness 18 contenders battling for a £250,000 investment. Expect more twists, digital currency challenges, eco-friendly brainiacs, and Lord Sugar’s legendary one-liners! Will they sink or swim? Forget your troubles; it’s time to watch ambitious hopefuls run around like caffeinated squirrels chasing a business dream!  

But the catch is that international viewers can’t watch The Apprentice 2024 in US as it’s a BBC show restricted to the UK only. However, you can circumvent such pesky geo-blocks using a premium VPN. It can alter your virtual location, allowing you to enjoy worldwide BBC content.

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How to watch The Apprentice 2024 in US on BBC iPlayer

You can watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US with the help of a trusted VPN to throw regional limitations out of your way. The best option is PureVPN, with 6500+ servers for seamless streaming.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download the app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server based in the UK.
  4. Launch the BBC iPlayer on your computer using your credentials.
  5. Watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US!

The Apprentice 2024 online on bbc iplayer

Where to watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US? 

The Apprentice 2024 will premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK. However, people in the US will have to use a top-notch VPN such as PureVPN to mask their IP address to watch The Apprentice in the US. 

Why is BBC iPlayer restricted in the US?

BBC iPlayer offers exciting movies, comedy shows, and insightful documentaries. However, this extensive streaming platform is inaccessible in the US due to legal agreements with content producers. To comply with such agreements, the channel uses geo-blocking technologies to stop non-UK viewers from watching their content. 

But you can eliminate geo-restrictions using a top-notch VPN such as PureVPN. Connect to a UK-based IP address and appear as a native user on the channel’s servers. Doing this gives you instant access to BBC iPlayer’s premium content library within seconds. Make sure to have PureVPN under your belt before you plan to watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US. 

What is The Apprentice 2024’s release date and time?

Tune in to BBC One every Thursday at 9 pm UK time for the latest season of The Apprentice, Series 18. The exciting journey kicks off on February 1, 2024, and unfolds over twelve thrilling episodes, concluding with the grand finale on April 4.

What is The Apprentice 2024 all about? 

Get ready to witness the business battleground where dreams collide with reality—The Apprentice is back, baby! Lord Sugar, the ringmaster, leads a pack of 18 hopeful hustlers through a circus of challenges, where chaos is the main act, and drama takes the spotlight. Baroness Brady and Tim Campbell, the ultimate tag team, dissect business dreams with surgical precision. The contestants? A diverse bunch of go-getters, from tech whizzes to wellness wizards, all chasing the elusive £250,000 jackpot and the golden ticket of Lord Sugar’s mentorship.But hold onto your hats, because this ain’t your grandma’s business show. Expect more twists than a rollercoaster in a tornado, from international escapades to digital currency escapades that’ll make your head spin. The Apprentice promises a spectacle that’s part business brilliance, part hilarious havoc.. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the highs, lows, and Lord Sugar’s legendary one-liners!

What is the episode count of The Apprentice Season 18?

The episode count for The Apprentice 2024 is set to run for twelve thrilling episodes, Don’t miss the intense boardroom battles, business challenges, and Lord Sugar’s iconic “You’re Fired!” moments as candidates compete for the coveted £250,000 investment and mentorship. Set your calendars for this entrepreneurial drama and strategy rollercoaster, airing weekly on BBC One.

What is the cast of The Apprentice 2024?

The cast of The Apprentice 2024 includes:

  • Lord Alan Sugar: The business mogul and host, wielding the power to say the iconic “You’re Fired!”
  • Baroness Karren Brady: Trusted advisor and straight-shooting businesswoman, bringing her insights to the boardroom.
  • Tim Campbell MBE: Series 1 winner and advisor, providing valuable guidance from the perspective of a successful Apprentice alumnus.


  • Amina Khan: Lawyer with a passion for fashion and ethical business practices.
  • Asif Munaf: Doctor and entrepreneur aiming to revolutionize healthcare technology.
  • Flo Edwards: Recruitment consultant with a talent for building strong teams.
  • Foluso Falade: Tech CEO and founder of a social impact platform for women.
  • Jack Davies: Creative entrepreneur looking to disrupt the retail industry with interactive experiences.
  • Maura Rath: Experienced sales manager known for her client relations skills and strategic thinking.
  • Noor Bouziane: Businesswoman specializing in luxury events and bespoke experiences.
  • Oliver Medforth: Young entrepreneur with a successful track record in the food and beverage industry.
  • Onyeka Nweze: Social media influencer and founder of a sustainable fashion brand.
  • Paul Bowen: Former city trader turning his financial expertise towards eco-friendly construction projects.
  • Paul Midha: Medical doctor and entrepreneur expanding his business ventures beyond healthcare.
  • Phil Turner: Chartered accountant with a keen eye for identifying profitable business opportunities.
  • Rachel Woolford: Sales director with extensive experience in the food and beverage industry.
  • Raj Chohan: Experienced business owner with a passion for the leisure and hospitality sector.
  • Sam Saadet: Tech entrepreneur specializing in building and scaling digital businesses.
  • Steve Darken: Property developer with a unique approach to affordable housing solutions.
  • Tre Lowe: Award-winning music producer and entrepreneur entering the world of business ventures.
  • Virdi Singh Mazaria: Music producer and owner of a successful fashion accessories brand.

What genre does The Apprentice fall under?

The Apprentice is a reality television show that falls under the business and competition genre.

Official trailer

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Is BBC iPlayer free?

Yes. BBC iPlayer is a free streaming platform in the UK. 

Where can I watch The Apprentice 2024 for free?

The Apprentice 2024 is free for streaming on BBC iPlayer if you’re in the UK. However, people outside the country will require a VPN such as PureVPN to change their IP address for hassle-free streaming of their favorite shows and movies.  

What is the grand prize for the winner?

The ultimate prize for the winner is £250,000 in investment and mentorship from Lord Sugar.

Is The Apprentice: You’re Fired returning?

Yes, The Apprentice: You’re Fired, hosted by comedian Tom Allen, will analyze each episode immediately after the main show.

PureVPN – The best VPN to watch The Apprentice 2024 in the US

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