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How to watch The First 48 Season 25 outside the US on A&E

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Attention crime and thrilling story lovers, The First 48 is back for Season 25, and we’re still amazed that crimes can be solved without a cape. A&E’s crime-solving extravaganza delivers a punch of irony, where welfare checks turn into murder mysteries, casual meet-ups lead to deadly traps, and even soccer players take unexpected detours. Join the absurdly riveting crime-solving fiesta on A&E and Hulu!

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Read the complete guide to learn how to watch The First 48 Season 25 outside US with PureVPN: 

How to watch The First 48 Season 25 outside US on A&E

You can easily beat geo-restrictions and watch The First 48 Season 25 outside the US using a top-quality VPN such as PureVPN.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the app on your device.
  3. Connect to the server in US
  4. Open the A&E via the Hulu + Live TV app or sign in on your computer.
  5. Congrats, you are ready to watch The First 48 Season 25 outside US hassle-free!

watch The First 48 Season 25 on A&E

Where to watch The First 48 Season 25 Outside the US?

You can watch The First 48 Season 25 outside the US on A&E via Hulu + Live TV. But since the channel is region-locked to the US, you can use a high-quality VPN such as PureVPN to change your IP address and stream it anywhere. 

Why is A&E restricted outside the US?

A&E is a geo-restricted service due to licensing agreements and content distribution rights. The channel uses geo-blocking measures to stop international viewers from streaming their content, so you keep seeing the error message on your screens. 

Fret not; PureVPN bypasses these restrictions by masking your IP address and routing your internet connection through a US server, granting you access to A&E’s extensive library. This tricks the channel into believing you’re an American native and grants you access to their top-notch content library where you can watch The First 48 Season 25 outside the US. 

What is The First 48 Season 25 release date and time?

The First 48 Season 25 is dropping on A&E every week, and the next episode hits the screen at 8:00 Pm on Thursday, January 18, 2024. No need to stress about FOMO because you can catch all the action live on Hulu + Live TV. Grab your snacks and get ready for some real-deal detective drama, coming straight to your screens.

What is the synopsis of The First 48 Season 25?

In Season 25 of The First 48, prepare for a crime-solving rollercoaster that defies logic and embraces the absurd. Episode 1 kicks off with a welfare check turning into a full-blown murder mystery, where detectives unveil a cozy scene gone sinister. Episode 2 throws you into a wild “Meet Up for Murder,” proving that casual rendezvous can have deadly consequences. Episode 3, “No Way Home,” takes an unfortunate detour with a young soccer player shot and dumped on the streets, leading detectives on a pursuit to retrace his ill-fated steps. And when you think you’ve seen it all, Episode 4, “Think Twice,” unravels the mystery of a father of four found dead in a car crash that was anything but accidental. 

Join the crime-solving fiesta on A&E and Hulu, where each episode guarantees a mind-bending cocktail of twists, turns, and eyebrow-raising investigations!

What genre does The First 48 fall into?

The First 48 is classified as a crime documentary and reality television series, offering an unscripted look into real-life homicide investigations.

What is the episode count of The First 48 Season 25?

It is expected that The First 48 Season 25 is gearing up for a whopping 25 episodes, but here’s the scoop: we’ve only got the deets on the first four right now. Brace yourself for some serious crime-solving shenanigans – the rest is still under wraps. Stay tuned for the full scoop as the season unfolds!

Episode #TitleSynopsisAir DateCity
1Killer Rage & A Killer at the DoorTulsa detectives grapple with two brutal murders: a woman found fatally beaten and a son witnessing his father’s slaying during a home renovation.January 4Tulsa, Oklahoma
2Meet Up for MurderLured into a deadly trap, a man’s murder puts detectives on a race against time to catch the perpetrator before they claim another victim.January 11City not specified
3No Way HomeWhen a young soccer player is found shot and dumped on the street, Corporal Jorstad delves into his final hours to track down the killer.January 18Gwinnett County, Georgia
4Think TwiceA seemingly accidental car crash takes a sinister turn as Mobile detectives uncover a father’s death was anything but unintentional.January 25Mobile, Alabama

What is the cast of The First 48 Season 25?

The First 48 Season 25 is a crime documentary and its main narrator is Dion Graham. 

Official trailer

Unfortunately, The First 48 Season 25 trailer hasn’t been released yet. 

The hype on social media 

Check whats on Twitter about The First 48 Season 25:


Is A&E via Hulu + Live TV free?

No, A&E via Hulu + Live TV is a subscription-based service. 

Where can I watch The First 48 Season 25 for free?

Unfortunately, there is no official way to watch The First 48 Season 25 for free. 

How do detectives handle the time pressure in the show?

Detectives work against the clock to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and piece together the events surrounding the crime.

Is The First 48 based on true stories?

Yes, the show is based on real, ongoing homicide investigations.

 Is there a consistent format for each episode?

Yes, each episode typically focuses on a single homicide investigation within a specific city.

What kind of cases are covered in Season 25?

Season 25 covers a range of murder cases, from street shootings to mysterious crashes.

What else should I watch on A&E?

Some amazing titles available on A&E are:

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  • The First 48
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