How To Watch HGTV Outside the US

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Access HGTV Outside the US

HGTV is an American pay television channel that frequently broadcasts numerous programs related to real estate and home improvement. It is owned by Discovery, Inc. and is available to only residents currently living in the United States. So, if you are someone who is interested in watching HGTV live and online but living abroad, here is a guide through which you can watch this channel from outside the US.

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Most Watched Programs on HGTV

Good Bones with HGTV

Good Bones

Good Bones is an HGTV exclusive TV series that stars Karen E. Laine, a defense attorney, and her daughter, Mina Starsiak Hawk, a part-time waitress. The series follows the mother-daughter duo who began flipping houses in their free time. From there, they go on to make this their full-time gig.

House Hunters International with HGTV

House Hunters International

Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in other countries. The series features a total of 152 seasons and has been one of HGTV's most popular shows since 2006.

House Hunters with HGTV

House Hunters

Similar to House Hunters International, House Hunters is a real estate based TV series that is hosted by Suzanne Whang. It follows a similar setting to that of the International version but is restricted to only locations and homes in the United States.

HGTV is Not Available Outside US

After becoming the third most popular streaming channel in the United States, the channel extended its coverage to other parts of the world. Now, it is available in quite a few locations, including US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. However, there are still some countries where HGTV is still not available.

HGTV available countries
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With a VPN, You Can Access HGTV Outside US Anytime, Anywhere

Here are some other reasons why you need a VPN for watching HGTV outside the US:

HGTV has extended its coverage to quite a few locations and countries around the world. However, even then, the service is not available everywhere. This can be quite the problem for people who love to travel and visit exotic locations. So, for all those who do not want to miss their favorite shows and programs on HGTV and are always moving, a VPN service can do wonders for you. It can allow you to stream HGTV from outside the US, even those places where the service is not available.

Expats are people who have permanently moved to another country for either work or personal reasons. And since they have moved for good, they are going to be looking for different real estate and home improvement programs, which can help them better adjust to the few countries. This is where HGTV comes in. It is one of the streaming services available for such shows. However, since it’s only available in a few select group of countries, you might need a VPN service to help you access it.

With HGTV’s expansion came regional restrictions, which prevented users from accessing specific programs and TV shows on the streaming service. Now, for someone who has been a fan of a particular TV show, only to find out it is not available in the country he or she is currently living, this can get quite frustrating. So, to avoid such restrictions, you can opt for a VPN service and get the complete list of TV shows and programs on HGTV,

Most people prefer not to get a VPN service as it limits their internet speeds, making streaming a lot slower. Well, this is the case with most VPN service that you can get your hands on for free, but with a premium VPN service like PureVPN, you can easily avoid such hindrances. This is because PureVPN comes with a unique feature called Split Tunneling, which allows you to choose the websites you want to run with a VPN connection, and services you want to route via regular connection.

Apart from granting you access to all of the different TV series and programs available on HGTV from anywhere in the world, a VPN has other benefits too. This includes the ability to protect yourself against online threats, which nowadays is very important. So, if you want to gain access to HGTV and be completely anonymous while doing so, get PureVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still not totally sure about all the great ways in which a HGTV VPN can help you access the content you want? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a working Hulu live subscription, or the Disney+ bundle, you can access HGTV live on the streaming service. Alternatively, you can directly access the HGTV website and access its content for free.

Amazon signed a deal with HGTV about 5 years ago. Since then, all content of HGTV gets regularly updated on Amazon Prime Video. If you have a working Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch HGTV for free.

Yes, there are many streaming platforms and services which offer HGTV live streaming. Some of these services include Sky, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Live TV.

HGTV itself is not a streaming service that you can subscribe for, but a live content channel which is available across many streaming services. The cheapest deal you can get for HGTV is Philo, a streaming service that will cost about $16 a month and offer HGTV along with many other channels.

Yes. HGTV App for Firestick is called HGTV GO and can be downloaded for free from the Amazon App Store.

If you have a smart TV, you can download the HGTV app directly to your smart TV. If you are in a region where HGTV is available, you can watch content on HGTV for free. However, if you are in a region where HGTV is not available, you will have to connect to a premium streaming VPN such as PureVPN to change your location and access HGTV.