PureVPN’s New Enhanced And More Secure Windows VPN Dialer Is Out Now

What’s your 2014 tech resolution? What about keeping your online security alive all the time? Kick off 2014 with PureVPN newly enhanced Windows VPN application and make your digital life perfect!

First we would like to thank to our entire customer base for their precious and valuable suggestion. As part of a major app redesign, we tried to incorporate all the suggestion we received from customer. We also ensured that the apps sync better with our VPN network for faster and more stable connections. We have included a list of amazing and very innovative features as well as we have fixed the old minor bugs in this new version of PureVPN Windows VPN dialer. We always aim to make it easier for our users to take control of their internet experience and feel ultimate freedom on the internet.

What’s New in PureVPN New Windows VPN Dialer?

New PureVPN Windows VPN dialer has a sleek and clean look plus it has powerful new security features and customization options. Let’s have a look at our new enhance features:

1: Extra Security Of Your Online Privacy With Internet Kill Switch

Internet kill switch

Most voted features by our customer is to include a service that keeps the online data safe even if VPN disconnects. In our new Windows VPN dialer, PureVPN has added this outstanding feature “Internet Kill Switch”

If enabled, it kills all the Internet activity and protects users' privacy in case the VPN disconnects.

It will also gives the ability to users to select in between the option to auto reconnect while keeping the online data safe as well as, stop all the internet activities when VPN manually disconnect by the user.

Watch This Video Demonstration On 'How To Activate PureVPN's Internet Kill Switch'

2: Automatic Mode For Protocol Selection

Automatic Mode for Protocol


For maximum network compatibility, 'Automatic' protocol selection has been added to the main Dashboard protocol selection. The Software first tries with PPTP, then SSTP and then L2TP when Automatic mode is selected.

3: VPN Mode Security And Speed Feature

VPN Mode Security and Speed Feature

A new and very innovative feature has been introduced by PureVPN in its newly launched Windows VPN dialer called “VPN Mode”. Users can now choose between fastest browsing or greatest security, and a combination of the two.

4: Control Remote Access To Your Computer

Remote Access to your Computer

Users can now control whether they wish to allow remote connections to their Windows machine when connected with the PureVPN.

Other Features Added

Apart from these extra ordinary features added in PureVPN new Windows VPN dialer, some other main features have also been added and these are:

  • Software is made resource efficient and is 5 times more responsive.
  • Server Count added in Country selection.
  • Social icons have been added on the top of the software screen to easily like PureVPN at anytime.

Talk To Us, We Are Listening

On the basis of our customers’ feedback and suggestions, we have achieved this milestone and without you valuable feedback it wouldn’t have nails it quite like this. Thank you once again! And do remember that we are listening and will highly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Keep kicking off the year 2014, right by managing and improving your online security and enjoy a whole year of secure and free internet surfing.

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