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How to Port Forward Starlink and Bypass CGNAT

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PUREVPNPort ForwardingHow to Port Forward Starlink and Bypass CGNAT

Port Forwarding on CGNAT gateways is not as easy as it seems to be. However, in this blog post, we’ll explain how CGNAT-enabled routers, like Starlink, can cause a problem in Port Forwarding and how you can get around this ISP-driven firewall without hassle.

Starlink port forwarding is not a hassle anymore!

What do you mean by Port Forwarding?

If you want to host a server, enable remote access, or enhance your online gaming experience, try forwarding ports of your router. Port forwarding is a networking method that guides traffic to a particular device, for example, a gaming console or your PC, within a private network. 

It allows you to direct incoming data from servers to your device. For example, the port for hosting a web is 80, and if you want a stable internet connection and low latency, you will port forward port 80 by configuring your router administration page.

How to Enable Port Forwarding on a Starlink Router

The Starlink router and app do not support direct configuration for static IP assignments or port forwarding due to the use of CGNAT. However, users can employ third-party routers that support these features to set up static IPs and manage port forwarding effectively

Step #1: Log Into Your Router

Open the app and log in using the credentials provided with your router or that you set up during the initial router configuration.

Step #2: Navigate to Settings

Look for a settings or configuration option, often represented by a gear icon. Locate the section where you can manage LAN or network settings.

Step #3: Assign a Static IP

Choose the device from the list of connected devices for which you need to set a static IP, and change the IP settings from dynamic (DHCP) to static. Once done, Input the static IP address you want to assign.

Step #4: Go to the Port Forwarding Section 

Navigate to advanced settings and find the Port Forwarding option. Do not confuse this with Port Triggering as both serve different purposes.

Step #5: Set a Port Forwarding Rule

Just do the following:

  • Enter a name for the service or application, such as PS5 Gaming.
  • Specify the port number or range that needs to be forwarded.
  • Enter the static IP address assigned earlier to the device that will receive the traffic.
  • Select the appropriate protocol, whether it is TCP, UDP, or both.
  • Save to apply changes.

Step #6: Test Port Forwarding 

To verify that your ports are forwarded correctly, use an online tool designed to check ports. If the test indicates that your ports are closed, it is worth double-checking your settings.

How to Check if Starlink is CGNAT-enabled? 

You can check whether your Starlink router uses CGNAT or not by looking at your WAN IP address or through the Starlink application.

  1. To check your WAN IP, go to your router’s setup page on the browser.
  2. Search or open cmd to check your router’s IP address by typing ipconfig.
  3. Enter your router’s login details.
  4. Next, locate the Network section.
  5. Your WAN IP will be provided in the information.
  6. Now, you have to check if your IP is to
  7. If yes, then your Starlink router is CGNAT enabled.

What is CGNAT?

Most ISPs use CGNAT (Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation) to prevent bandwidth issues and IP exhaustion. ISPs also perform CGNAT to assign a single IP address to multiple users. But, the only caveat is that you can’t open ports on a router behind CGNAT. 

One of the main reasons Port Forwarding can be a problem on Starlink is that many ISPs use Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) to conserve IP addresses. Your ISP assigns a single IP address to multiple customers, and those customers rely on the same IP address.

How can PureVPN help get around CGNAT?

You can use the PureVPN port forwarding add-on to make this process easier. This add-on will bypass CGNAT and allow you to set up port forwarding for your devices. Here’s how:

  1. Login to the PureVPN member area.
  2. Click the subscription tab.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Apply your desired port settings.
  5. Click Apply settings.

CGNAT port forwarding

Quickly and safely open ports using PureVPN

With the Port Forwarding add-on, opening ports are as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

What Ports are Blocked by Starlink?

Commonly, Starlink routers block sending and receiving email ports as they intend to send spam and cause security issues. Below are the ports blocked by Starlink:

  • SMTP Port 25
  • POP3 Port 110
  • SMTP over SSL Port 465
  • SMTP submission Port 587
  • IMAP Port 143

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Can I Improve My Gaming After Bypassing CGNAT? 

Yes, your gaming can improve by overcoming CGNAT. If you are thinking, how? It is because CGNAT can slow your traffic flow by increasing steps for delivering it through the internet. 

It also makes it difficult for other game devices to connect to your server. By bypassing CGNAT, you can enhance your gaming connectivity and experience a stable internet connection for better traffic flow.

Host a server with a Dedicated IP and Port Forwarding add-on

You need a dedicated IP with a Port Forwarding add-on if you wish to host a game server, get your IP whitelisted, or want your friends to connect to your at-home devices. A Dedicated IP allows you to create servers and allow external IP addresses to connect to your server without any IP mapping issues.

Why pick PureVPN?  

With PureVPN’s effective service, you can open up ports with a few simple clicks. Got issues with CGNAT? No problem! PureVPN’s dedicated IP and Port Forwarding add-on bundle provide a one-click solution to bypass CGNAT. 

  • With about 6,500 dedicated servers worldwide in more than 78+ locations, PureVPN ensures that you are securely connected. 
  • With features like Split tunneling, IP masking, and Dedicated IP addresses, you can stay hidden on the internet.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change Starlink IP address?

No. You can not change a Starlink IP address. However, you can use a VPN to hide your your IP address, split tunneling software, or a server with a dedicated IP address.

What is Starlink IP address?

As Starlink uses CGNAT so you do have an individual IP address. Instead you share one address with several other users.

What are the common issues with Starlink Port Forwarding?

The main reasons Port Forwarding can be a problem on Starlink is that many ISPs use Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) to conserve IP addresses. Your ISP assigns a single IP address to multiple customers, and those customers rely on the same IP address.

Does Starlink block port forwarding?

Starlink does not support traditional port forwarding due to the use of CGNAT. However, users can work around this limitation by using VPN services that offer port forwarding capabilities, such as PureVPN.


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