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Dominate the multiplayer mode! Learn how to port forward Tunngle quickly

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PUREVPNpfcgnatDominate the multiplayer mode! Learn how to port forward Tunngle quickly

With Tunngle’s virtual LAN feature, you can enjoy online games with your friends no matter where you are. But if you wish to experience multiplayer gaming at its best, you may need to port forward Tunngle.

And we know how frustrating port forwarding can be, especially when you have never configured any ports. But in this comprehensive guide, you will find everything you need to port forward Tunngle effectively.

Not only this, but you will also find the best hack to streamline port forwarding and even bypass Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) within seconds!

port forward Tunngle

What you need before you port forward Tunngle:

  • The default IP address of your router 
  • A static IP address for the device you want to forward ports 
  • The TCP/UDP port numbers and protocols
  • The username and password to access your router

Step-by-step guide: How to port forward Tunngle for seamless connectivity

Follow these steps to set up Tunngle port forwarding on your network router:

  1. Open up a web browser.
  2. Type the default IP address of your router in the search bar [usually or].
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. When the login page loads, enter the username and password. Often the default username is “admin” whereas the password is either “admin” or “password”.
  5. After logging in, go to the port forwarding section [usually in Advanced, Firewall, or Application and Gaming].
  6. Add a new port forwarding rule by selecting the + icon.
  7. Type in a relevant name for the new port forwarding rule [i.e. Tunngle, Tunngle port forward, etc].
  8. Choose a protocol for the service [i.e.TCP, UDP, or both].
  9. Enter the port number or port range to be forwarded. For a port range, enter the smallest and the highest port number in relevant fields.
  10. Lastly, enter the static IP address of the device. The static IP can be assigned using the DHCP reservations tab.
  11. Select Apply/ Save to save these configurations.
  12. Restart your router.

Please note that these steps only explain the general port forwarding procedure. Depending on your router’s firmware, you may find a few changes here and there. Therefore, it is best to first consult a user manual or documentation just to be sure.

Tunngle port forwarding: TCP/UDP ports

Here are some TCP and UDP ports you need to open to improve your network connectivity when using Tunngle:

  • TCP port:
  • UDP port: 11155

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and other ports may also be used based on the network services and applications on your network.

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CGNAT port forwarding

CGNAT can’t hold you: Get PureVPN’s port forwarding add-on!

Carrier-grade NAT can be a deal breaker if you want to forward a few ports. Most ISPs today are bound to use CGNAT to conserve the depleting IP pool resulting in multiple customers sharing the same public address. 

You can contact your service provider and request a possible solution to get out of this deal. But instead of paying extra for this temporary fix, why not opt for a comprehensive network solution? 

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Concluding thoughts

While port forwarding can be daunting, you can easily improve your network connectivity by following the guidelines provided in this guide.

However, if you are looking for a hack? Then you can always try PureVPN’s port forwarding add-on to boost your gaming experience. And that’s not all! With this add-on, you can bypass carrier-grade network translation (CGNAT) within seconds without paying any extra penny. 

So if your slow network speed is keeping you from dominating your friends in the multiplayer mode, use PureVPN’s add-on and open ports like a pro!

Frequently asked questions

What ports do I need for Tunngle? 

Tunngle mainly uses port 11155. Depending on the game under question, you may also have to forward other ports.

Is Tunngle free? Or is there a subscription cost?

Yes, Tunngle is primarily free to use. However, you can pay an additional cost for some premium features like no time limit, VLAN support, unlimited file sharing, ad-free experience, etc.

Is Tunngle safe to use? Is my personal information protected?

Tunngle is generally considered to be safe. The user data is protected using encryption, authorization, blocking, and filtering mechanisms. However, you can improve your system security by using PureVPN with Tunngle and make your online gaming experience more secure.

Can I use Tunngle on different devices, like my PC and mobile phone?

Yes, you can use Tunngle on multiple devices. But if you have a free account, you can only be active on a single device at a time.

What if I cannot port forward Tunngle?

If you cannot open ports for Tunngle, try using Tunngle’s adaptive mode feature to resolve the issue. You can also use a reliable VPN service like PureVPN to help you port forward Tunngle. 




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