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Port forwarding Don’t Starve Together

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This guide is about port forwarding Don’t Starve Together, a game of survival. The multi-player expansion game requires a stable internet connection to complete the tasks which is made better and seamless with port forwarding. Port forwarding maintains internet speed and provides a better gaming experience.

Let’s go step by step, to learn the port forwarding technique for playing Don’t Starve Together. This includes logging into the router’s web interface, finding the correct settings, and configuring the ports you want to forward. 

Don't Starve together

Requirements to port forward for Don’t Starve Together

Before you can forward a port you need to know the following things:

  • Your router’s IP address.
  • Your gaming machine’s IP address.
  • A list of TCP and UDP ports to forward.

Simple steps to configure port forwarding for Don’t Starve Together

Here are the steps to configure port forwarding for Don’t Starve Together:

  1. Determine your router’s IP address: You can find this by opening the Command Prompt or Terminal and typing “ipconfig” or “ifconfig”.
  2. Log into your router’s administrative interface: Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar. Enter your username and password when prompted.
  3. Find the port forwarding section: This section is usually found under Advanced Settings, Security, or Firewall.
  4. Create a new port forwarding rule: Add a rule for the ports that Don’t Starve Together uses: TCP ports 11000 to 21025 and UDP ports 11000 to 21025.
  5. Enter the IP address of your computer: This is the IP address of the computer that is running Don’t Starve Together.
  6. Save the changes: Make sure to save the changes you made to the port forwarding rules.
  7. Verify if port forwarding is working.

Note: The steps may vary depending on your router’s brand and model. If you’re having trouble, consult your router’s manual or support website for more detailed instructions.

Ports needed to run 

The default ports needed to run the Don’t Starve Together game are:

TCP Ports: 11000 to 21025

UDP Ports: 11000 to 21025

Please note that these are common ports used by most routers, but it is always best to check the specific router manual or consult the manufacturer’s website for the ports used by your router.

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How to access ports behind CGNAT

CGNAT (Carrier-Grade NAT) is a network address translation technique that is often used by (ISPs) internet service providers to allow multiple customers to share a single public IP address.

CGNAT can cause problems for online gaming, including Don’t Starve Together, because it can interfere with the process of port forwarding. Your IP address can be blacklisted if you try to open ports on a router behind CGNAT. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is port forwarding for Don’t Starve Together?

Port forwarding is the process of forwarding network traffic to a specific device on your network, based on the destination port number. This allows you to host services or applications, such as a web server or game server, on a device on your network and make them accessible from the internet.

Why do I need port forwarding?

Port forwarding is necessary if you want to host services or applications on a device on your network and make them accessible from the internet. Without port forwarding, incoming traffic to the service or application would be blocked by your router’s firewall.

How does port forwarding work?

Port forwarding works by mapping incoming traffic on a specific port number to a device on your network. When the router receives incoming traffic on a specific port number, it forwards the traffic to the designated device on your network.

What is a port number?

A port number is a 16-bit number used to identify a specific service or application on a device. Port numbers are used by the TCP/IP protocol to route network traffic to the correct service or application on a device.

Can I forward multiple ports to the same device?

Yes, you can forward multiple ports to the same device, as long as each port is mapped to a different service or application on the device.

How do I find my internal IP address?

You can find your internal IP address by using the “ipconfig” command on Windows or the “ifconfig” command on Linux. On a Mac, you can find your internal IP address by going to the “System Preferences” and selecting “Network”.

Can port forwarding cause security issues?

Yes, port forwarding can expose your network and devices to security risks, as it opens up specific ports on your router to incoming traffic from the internet. It is important to secure your network and devices and to only forward ports that are necessary for your services or applications.

Can port forwarding slow down my network?

Port forwarding itself should not slow down your network, but it may expose your network to security risks, and it may also increase the amount of traffic on your network. If you are experiencing slow network speeds, it may be due to other factors, such as network congestion or outdated hardware.




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