Internet Kill Switch

Never Again Worry About Sudden Disconnection Exposing Your VPN Activities

VPNs are widely used for privacy, data protection, online freedom and accessibility of location-locked content. We understand and agree to the fact that VPNs are frowned up by many organizations and even some ISPs. It is, therefore, important to every VPN service provider to ensure that their users’ VPN activities or data remain anonymous and secure under all circumstances.

But what if the VPN itself disconnects due to any unforeseen circumstances? Truth be told, your anonymous activities won’t be private anymore but would be made public in a matter of seconds…unless, you are protected with PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch, aka IKS.

IKS is one of the most powerful features of PureVPN that smartly and instantly kills all the VPN related activities of the user when the connection drops. As a result, the users get to keep their identity as well as activities secure against accidental IP leak.

Here’s why IKS is a must for every VPN user:

  • Keep activities anonymous
  • No more worries when it comes to accidental disconnections
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