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VPN for Asia
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PureVPN Servers in Asia

PureVPN offers full access to one of the largest networks in the industry, with 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries. Of these servers, 273 are strategically placed in Asian countries, including India, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.
Our Asia VPN servers have been specially optimized to deliver the best online protection and blazing-fast speeds. Furthermore, with no limitations on bandwidth usage, you have the freedom to use our service as much as you want.

We Promise You!

Censorship-Free Browsing

Internet freedom is on the decline in Asia, with countries such as Russia, China, and North Korea ranking among the worst for online censorship. Many social media networks, communication apps, torrenting sites, and news outlets are either blocked or restricted in these regions. With PureVPN, you can change your virtual location to an Internet-freedom loving country like Estonia or Iceland and access the Internet censorship-free.

Access to Asian Content

If you’re traveling or moving to a non-Asian country, geo-restrictions will get in your way when accessing streaming services like iflix, Viu, Hotstar, and Crunchyroll. The same goes for Asian Netflix content libraries, which differ from region to region. By using PureVPN, you can switch your IP address to any Asian country and trick Asia-only platforms into thinking that you’re in a supported location.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Do you connect to public Wi-Fi in public places like cafes, hotels, and parks? While these networks are convenient, they’re not safe to use without taking security measures. Hackers can easily intercept and steal your sensitive data like social media credentials or credit card numbers. Fortunately, PureVPN encrypts your entire connection and enables you to use any public Wi-Fi safely.

PureVPN Apps Are Available For

Connect up to 10 different devices at the same time with the best VPN for Asia. Our service can also be set up on smart TVs, Kodi, routers, Chromecast, streaming boxes & sticks, and more.

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Asia

VPN for Asia

Do I Need a VPN in Asia?

Yes! A VPN enables you to use the internet freely, access Asia-only streaming services, and use public Wi-Fi networks safely, among other things.

Can’t I Just Use a Free Asia VPN?

You might be attracted to free VPNs, but we’d advise not to use them. Wondering why? There are a few reasons, such as:

  • They often have limited and overcrowded servers. Due to this, you’re likely to face slow speeds that ruin your downloading, streaming, and gaming experience.
  • Free VPN IP addresses are easy to identify and block, which may prevent you from accessing popular streaming platforms like Netflix.
  • Though these supposedly free services cost you nothing, you still pay in the form of your privacy. Many of them log your online activities and sell them to third-parties for a profit.

Is VPN Legal in Asia?

VPNs are legal in most of Asia. However, the same can’t be said about countries like China, Russia, Iran, and the UAE. They have placed either a complete or partial ban on the use of VPNs, so it’s important that you exercise caution.

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