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Experience Digital Freedom with US VPN!
  • Join us to raise your voice for Net Neutrality
  • Thousands of US IPs with servers in 8 states
  • Connect VPN on multiples devices
  • Strong data encryption and protocols support
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Fastest and Most Secure VPN for USA

PureVPN's Fastest VPN in USA offers up to 256-bit of data encryption to ensure every bit of information sent and received on your devices is completely encrypted, leaving no chance for intruders.

Secure Connection From Anywhere

The minute you connect with PureVPN, all your information gets a cover of cutting-edge, end-to-end protection. In short, even if you are in country where your breathing is monitored, nobody can monitor what you are doing online.

Stay Below the Radar of Surveillance Agencies

PureVPN boasts a geographically-diverse network offering 88,000+ IPs. Get our US VPN to exchange your IP address with one from our servers located in 141 Countries. An exchange of IP address prevents you from attracting unwarranted attention of surveillance agencies.

PureVPN is among the pioneers of the VPN industry. Powered by a professionally-maintained VPN network of 750+ Servers across 141 Countries, PureVPN’s US VPN gives you all the freedom, security, and privacy you always wanted.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection

Not having a Wi-Fi connection is not an option! And since being online is now a necessity, PureVPN offers you a remarkable and efficient way to get online through any Wi-Fi hotspot without fearing for the security of the data and information on your device.

Data Retention Security

Leave no traces behind! Yes, with PureVPN, nobody can track your digital footprints since you aren’t leaving any! You no longer have to worry about your ISP retaining your metadata and sharing it with government agencies or third-parties.

Hide Your Real Location

You are here, there and everywhere! The vast network of PureVPN allows you to change your location in a matter of seconds. One moment you are in the US, the next moment you are in India. That’s exactly what happens when you use PureVPN.

Experience Advanced VPN

Signup for PureVPN to get complete online security and privacy with a hidden IP address and encrypted internet traffic.

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