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PureVPN App for MAC

Experience total freedom and impenetrable security on your Mac with PureVPN.

Easy Installation Process

It’s easy; just a few clicks and you are done!

Customized for Best Experience

It’s your choice; select any server, any protocol for any purpose.

User-friendly Interface

Easy-to-use interface with the latest features.

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Intelligent Purpose & Server Selection

Drop down, scroll and select your purpose from hundreds of them and then see the magic of PureVPN’s Mac app.

Auto and Manual Protocol Selection

Select your desired protocol, or let the app do it for you!

Connect With Servers in 141 Countries

Any country, any location – select thousands of IPs from 100+ countries.

Dedicated IPs for Specific Location or Purpose

Select a dedicated IP from a pool of hundreds of them from several locations.

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Best Add-ons for your Convenience!

Special add-ons to boost your speed, security, protection, privacy and to make your internet experience extraordinary.

Web Protection against Malware and Hacking Attacks

Avoid malware and hacking attacks by simply using PureVPN’s web protection add-on.

Split Tunneling Add-on to Split Your Internet Connection

Prioritize your online activities and choose which apps to work with VPN.

SmartDNS Add-on to Bypass Geo-restrictions

Unblock any streaming channel you like from anywhere with SmartDNS.

Dedicated Streaming Add-on for Fastest Speed

Enjoy a boost of up to 20 Mbps with dedicated streaming add-on.

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PureVPN’s Special Features

PureVPN offers some pretty amazing features that no other VPN provider offers. Protecting your online privacy on Mac is a lot easier with PureVPN.

VPN Apps & Software

PureVPN offers user-friendly and convenient VPN apps that have been developed in-house without employing any third-party to ensure total security.

Five Multi Logins

PureVPN offers 5 simultaneous logins with every VPN subscription. You can enjoy complete security and freedom of PureVPN on 5 devices at the same time.

VPN Servers in 141 Countries

PureVPN is among those few VPN providers who offer VPN servers in141 Countries. Users can enjoy freedom from 141 Countries with PureVPN.

Security through Multiple Protocols

PureVPN safeguards all your online communication through various security protocols & army-graded encryption to ensure impenetrable security.

Fastest VPN Service

If you need speed, then PureVPN is the best option. Experience fastest speed and buffer-free streaming with PureVPN.

Instant & Immediate Support

PureVPN not only hosts and manages its own VPN network, it also has an in-house 24/7 support system to ensure that you are always connected & protected.

Protect Your Privacy With PureVPN

Signup for PureVPN to unblock websites and to protect your privacy with a hidden IP address and encrypted traffic.

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