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  • 500+ VPN Servers in 141 Countries
  • Unlimited Speed & Bandwidth
  • Supports P2P, File Sharing & VoIP
  • Use On Up To 5 Devices at Once
  • Reinforced Data Encryption

What's New in PureVPN For Mac

Now you can do a lot more with PureVPN for Mac

Complete Privacy with SSTP Protocol

Connect PureVPN with SSTP on your Mac for complete security and privacy

Mac App in Multiple Languages

PureVPN for Mac is now available in Dutch, German, English & French

Ultra Secure Encryption for 100% Security

Get ultimate security with military-grade 256-bit encryption on your Mac with PureVPN

Improved Features for Better Performance

The latest PureVPN's app for Mac has improved performance for a better user experience

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What are the benefits of Mac VPN?

Get complete online security, privacy and freedom in just a few minutes on your Mac with PureVPN’s app.

Be Anonymous

Your real identity is masked, making you practically invisible over the internet.

Downloading without Hassles

Experience nil buffering when downloading files via our servers.

Ultimate Data Encryption

Your online communications remain encrypted and away from the reach of hackers and data snoopers.

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Five Modes for Unlimited Freedom

We have developed modes to deliver the experience tailored with your needs.

Customized Connectivity with Every Mode

Get a customized experience and connectivity with every mode.

Easier Usability like Never Before

Modes are designed to give you a better level of usability.

Especially Optimized Servers

Connect to the especially optimized servers tailored with your need.

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Dedicated Connection for Specific Requirements

Just a few taps for what you want to do and this smart app will do the rest for you.

Auto and Manual Protocol Selection

Select the protocol of your choice or leave it to PureVPN’s app for quicker connectivity

Select from Hundreds of Servers in 141 Countries

Select any of your desired location from 141 countries with a few clicks!

Choose Your Purpose and Get Going

Choose from dozens of purposes and get the best connection accordingly

Use a Dedicated IP for a Dedicated Requirement

Get a dedicated IP from a specific location in a matter of seconds

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Basic and Advanced Settings for Your Ease

Make appropriate tweaks for a personalized experience without any hassle

Basic Settings for Beginners

A few clicks to make basic changes for better personalization for normal users!

Advance Settings for Pro Users

Advanced options to entertain the needs of a pro user!

Enhance Your Online Security

Turn on IPV6 Leaks Protection and Secure DNS in a matter of clicks.

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PureVPN’s Special Features

PureVPN offers some pretty amazing features that no other VPN provider offers. Protecting your online privacy on Mac is a lot easier with PureVPN.

PureVPN for Mac encrypts your internet connection

PureVPN employs AES 256-bit of encryption. This encryption standard is one of the strongest in the world, requiring millions of different combinations to crack. Such feat is impossible even for a super computer to achieve. It keeps you safe, whether you are using the internet at home, office, in a public place, or in another country altogether.

PureVPN for Mac keeps your online identity private

PureVPN first assigns you with a shared IP address which cannot be linked to you in any way. It is one of the many private covers you get with PureVPN. It masks your real location and encrypts your online communications as you start browsing in anonymous mode. It stops any third-parties from surveying, logging and stealing your information. Even your VoIP communications are encrypted and secured with our VPN client for Mac.

PureVPN for Mac Gives You Complete Internet Freedom

PureVPN has servers in more than 140 countries giving you the ability to keep your online communications private and secure. The VPN client also overcomes ISP speed throttling on your Mac.Your IP address changes as soon as you connect, giving you all the internet freedom that you need!

Security through Multiple Protocols

PureVPN safeguards all your online communication through various security protocols & army-graded encryption to ensure impenetrable security.

Fastest VPN Service

If you need speed, then PureVPN is the best option. Experience fastest speed and buffer-free streaming with PureVPN.

Instant & Immediate Support

PureVPN not only hosts and manages its own VPN network, it also has an in-house 24/7 support system to ensure that you are always connected & protected.

Protect Your Privacy With PureVPN

Signup for PureVPN to get complete online security and privacy with a hidden IP address and encrypted internet traffic.

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How to get a Mac VPN Software?

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN via our order page.
  2. Download and install PureVPN software package on your Mac.
  3. Connect with any of our 550+ servers.
  4. Browse the internet with the assurance of complete online security and freedom.

If you aren't satisfied, We aren't satisfied!

We are not allowed to keep your money if you we your expectation Our support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat

Why do you need VPN For Mac?

PureVPN for Mac keeps you safe on Public Wi-Fi hotspots, and allows you to access any content. It makes you invisible to all third-party surveillance. Our VPN client for Mac protects your online communications and keeps them hidden from hackers and data snoopers.

  • Avoid Censorship
  • Avoid third party monitoring
  • Evade Hackers
  • Secure WiFi hotspot
  • Access any Websites