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Arris Port Forwarding: 6 Easy Steps to Open Ports

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PureVPN UpdatesArris Port Forwarding: 6 Easy Steps to Open Ports

All routers have specific configurations and IP addresses. However, the port forwarding process remains the same. Learn how to port forward an Arris router in this guide and connect to a Minecraft or a Fortnite server in a blink of an eye. 

How to Port Forward Arris Router (TG1682G, NVG468MQ, or BGW 210-700) 

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to open ports on an Arris Router then you have come to the right place. Once you have correctly set up port forwarding for the router, we will share more technical details to ensure online security. Plus, we will tell you the dangers of port forwarding a router and how to overcome them on your own. 

Here’s how to open ports:

Step 1: Log in to your router’s configuration settings by entering the following IP address on your website browser. Enter for Arris TG1682G, and for either Arris NVG468MQ or BGW 210-700 models. 

Step 2: Enter admin as the default username and password as the default password for your Arris routers. This is very convenient (for now, but we highly recommend you change it to something people who lurk outside your home can’t easily guess!)

Step 3: Select Firewall > Port Forwarding or Virtual Servers > Add

Step 4: Enter the inbound and local port ranges on the relevant boxes. You have to put two entries and choose the same number for the ranges. For instance, pick the range from 2000 to 2000 on the inbound section and 2000 to 2000 for the local port range if you are only forwarding one port; of course, if there is a specific range, put the starting port on the left side and the higher number on the right. 

Step 5: Choose TCP or UDP from the drop-down menu to indicate which protocol you are forwarding the ports on. Usually, it’ll be TCP, but in a few rare instances, you’ll be forwarding UDP ports.  

Step 6: Enter a unique IP address and select Add Virtual Server

Word of advice: Instead of easily opening all ports, because that may be the most viable solution, avoid disabling your internet firewall completely because you will be removing a barrier, and cybercriminals can march inside your computer in no time  

The Dangers of Running a Virtual Game Server with Open Ports via Local Wi-Fi

The risks associated with in-home Wi-Fi networks are many as you may know, and now you are opening ports on your router which can potentially be even riskier. This is just like poking holes in your routers to make it super easy for unwanted connections or hackers to get into your local network. In short, don’t open ports without some protection or knowledge of the risks. 

If you’re opening ports, usually they can only be used for a very designated purpose, which works in your favor, though. For example, if you’re opening a port for COD3, it’s not like someone trying to upload a file via FTP will be able to infiltrate the port. That port will only be used on the device you designated and only for COD3. Nothing else.

So, when you ask Google, Is Port Forwarding Safe?, you can find several articles telling you that sometimes you need to upgrade your router or use a static IP address, or that you shouldn’t open ports in the first place. We recommend getting a full understanding of port forwarding first. It’s basically like opening windows in your house. Too many windows being open and you’re a lot more vulnerable. It’s that simple.

Try a Port Forwarding Add-On…

The Arris router, like any other, has an internet firewall that stops incoming connections for maintaining security. But when you open ports, you open the floodgates for known and unknown connections. Even though it’s for a designated purpose, people scan networks all the time for opportunities to pounce and break into your home network. That’s why you must have some security in place to ensure no one actually gets in. This is where a port forwarding add-on comes into play. 

PureVPN offers a dedicated Port Forwarding add-on service that promises rock-solid security against cyberattacks. Now you can safely open ports on an Arris router because PureVPN’s app uses AES 256-bit encryption, and this bank-grade security was specifically designed to protect your online privacy. 

If you need more information on using a port forwarding add-on or a VPN, reach out to one of our representatives via the Live Chat option. It’s just like talking to someone via WhatsApp who knows every tech detail about port forwarding. 

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