Many people don’t know why use a VPN they are unaware of its uses and benefits because everything looks perfectly fine when they use internet on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other personal gadgets but what they don’t realize is their personal security is at maximum risk in short your all activities are being monitored.

 Why Use A VPN?

 VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology that everyone wishes to put hands on. Reason being the technology is extremely cost-efficient as low as $6.25 / month. Also using VPN isn't any rocket science. Anyone having sound knowledge of computer can easily set it up with few clicks and start using VPN. With the feature of tunneling protocols the VPN platform enables users to work in an absolutely safe and secured IT environment without hassle of sharing with those you don't wish to share. By start using VPN you can also have a remote access of your data whether confidential or not in an easy way. In other words we can portray VPN technology a medium to safeguard one's Internet identity from the existing bad guys (hackers).

There might be times when you are in the midst of something extremely urgent and you forgot to get the prints of those documents you had to present at that urgent affair you are attending. In this case what would be the possible act which you would take in order to get rid of that unwanted embarrassment? Obviously you would not run back home or your office to get those left out documents. A much simpler and a way too effective solution for it would be to access those files and documents remotely via a VPN connection.


Few main facts comes in highlight in relation to why use a VPN. These are as follows:


Security Provided Through Encryption

VPN technology uses encrypted file format at the time any specific data is accessed remotely from a particular location. This helps in the overall safety of the data or file that is to be transferred.


 Tunneling Protocols Helps in Securing Data

Why use a VPN? Actually VPN technology is all based upon a tunnel system. When connected to a VPN what happen is it creates a tunnel between your computer and the internet and all your transmission and data travels through this private tunnel in other words VPN is the the source through which you can make your entire online activities encrypted and private without any doubt of being watched or monitored by anyone. This tunnel is nothing but a safeguard entity which protects your data and other confidential assets from the third parties not authorized to access it. This feature is yet another way to safeguard and secure your data efficiently.

Use Wi-Fi Hotspots Without Fear – With invent of modern gadgets and smartphones people love to access their emails, facebook accounts, twitter and skype on the go. But did you ever know that Wi-Fi hotspots are the favorite place for the hackers to hack your personal information like emails addresses, important data, credit card information etc where everybody is connected with a single connection. By start using a VPN you can access internet on Wi-Fi hotspots without any worries of being hacked as your internet connection gets encrypted via tunneling protocol.

Now you have a clear idea why should you start using VPN and what are its potential uses and how it eliminates the online threats that you might face online; you need to select a VPN provider who is reliable efficient fast and most importantly owns its software and hardware because most of the VPN providers in the industry these days do not own their equipment in short they are white labeled.


About PureVPN

Talking about Pure VPN it is one of the leading VPN brands that carve out a niche of its won in this very domain. Offering high-quality VPN connectivity along with the focus to create a safe accessing of data from various remote locations is what the company believes in. Also PureVPN develops 100% of its VPN software manages its own network and owns the hardware therefore we deliver the fastest VPN speed in the world with unlimited switches between VPN servers for no additional cost. Our technical staff is available 24/7/365 via live chat support so you may get uninterrupted services.


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