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Get instant access Peer to Peer platforms and have the ability to send and receive P2P files from any corner of the world. Once connected to our best VPN, you can use P2P traffic without compromising your internet speed with our VPN.

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What is P2P?

Peer-to-Peer networking, commonly known as P2P, is a quick and reliable way to share files with a large number of internet users. It works like a breeze.

Generally, when you wish to download a file, you normally go to a dedicated server or a network of servers from where you choose your desired file. With Peer-to-Peer in place, any individual who downloads a file(s) becomes an uploader by default. This makes the entire concept of P2P file-sharing well-organized and easy for all to access when needed.

What is P2P VPN?

PureVPN’s P2P VPN is a network of self-engineered and self-optimized VPN servers that offer the best P2P experience with the best vpn optimized servers. Where every other VPNs don't allow or delay the refund. Some give a 30-day money-back guarantee. But, with our reliable VPN service, you get a 31-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

With dedicated servers for P2P activities while securing your IP address with our highly optimized VPN Server, you get great downloading and uploading speeds while secured with state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using P2P

Peer-to-Peer network has been in the file-sharing community for years now and boasts numerous advantages, but as with any other application architecture, it has certain disadvantages as well.

Advantages of a peer to peer network

  • 1.Network Speed

    Since the file information gets collected from several sources, the P2P file-sharing application is able to download that very information from different sources simultaneously. This speeds up the downloading and uploading process.

  • 2.Vast Number of Files Available

    As the involves multiple computers that share the information stored on them, the database of information available is enormous than any other search you make online. A P2P database hosts numerous files that won’t be available if you search for them otherwise which is why they’re popular in nature.

Risks of a P2P Network without a Secure Connection

  • 1.Slow Browsing Speed

    When you’re downloading files from P2P channels via servers, you will experience a noticeable decrease in internet speed on your device. The primary reason is that your internet speeds are dedicated to downloading the P2P files for file-sharing or download the content. If your P2P application is up and running, it will consume bandwidth from the server or servers either when its strong>downloading files, or sharing (seeding) it with other networked users that need access to files you have stored on your device.

  • 2.Security

    Security is the main concern as P2P channels/clients are open, allowing anyone to join, exposing your IP address, putting greater risk on your devices’ and online security. Malware is the most common form of software which further support damaging your device. When using P2P to download files, you must take extreme caution as you’re unsure of the information coming from others’ devices.

How P2P is working and how your IP is shared with everyone

In today’s time, P2P has evolved into modern P2P clients, it’s actually faster when more users download a file. Instead of taking the whole file from one user, you’re taking smaller pieces from hundreds or thousands of others. Even if they only have a little bandwidth of server or servers to spare for you, the combined connections support you to get the maximum speed possible. Then you, in turn, contribute to distribute the file again.

Why it is still used?

- To download any live TV news videos, and full-length public domain films, music, and books

- Public Distribution For Accessing Public data like Internet Archive

- Downloading Linux Distributions

- Exploring Academic Datasets

- Share large amounts of corporate data

- Pushing software updates.

Have to tell that it's very easy to share your IP address with other users. as it's the very nature of this traffic, this is how these P2P servers work. Your ISP also can detect IP address traffic that you are using P2P platforms and either they will ban you or set bandwidth throttling limits which can only be evaded after optimized VPN server.

How using PureVPN for P2P Traffic is safer?

PureVPN boasts self-engineered and self-optimized servers that are designed with keeping P2P traffic capability in mind:

• PureVPN secures your IP address when you’ve enabled our VPN servers, you automatically connect to a remote best VPNs server which masks your real IP address and assigns you a virtual IP of a different server for your VPN P2P traffic. PureVPN also has a Kill Switch to block internet access in the event of sudden disconnection to keep you safe and you this way you can stay private. With VPN a virtual IP keeps your real identity confidential and keeps your online activities private when you’re sharing files or simply browsing the web via our VPN servers to download the content.

• PureVPN protects you from bandwidth throttling as It creates an encrypted tunnel between a user and a VPN server. When connected with our reliable VPN service, you can get around regional limitations and get instant access to download the files that are unavailable in your region without detecting your ISP. Your cloaked online image support you to bypass bandwidth throttling using our optimized vpn servers and internet barriers that are common among ISPs(Internet Service Provider).

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• Use a VPN when accessing internet as by using a VPN if you care about your privacy it will encrypt your entire online traffic With a P2P optimized network, any and all files you download or send over the P2P networks server are strongly secured with the highest grade strong encryption. PureVPN employs strong encryption AES 256-bit Encryption which supports you and assures you that no one can pry on your personal information using our encrypted server.

• PureVPN provides you Internet Kill Switch PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch is designed to prevent your internet connection from leaking your personal information in case the VPN connection drops. Disconnections are common and IKS keeps your connection secure by terminating internet access even you encounter a disconnection.

P2P Supported Devices

PureVPN is among the few VPN providers offers and support intuitive and easy-to-use apps for all major platforms which come integrated with P2P optimized netwrok as well as other useful features. The VPN is available for Windows, Firestick, Mac, iOS and Android along with mobile apps.

· Android: PureVPN is a VPN provider that allows P2P traffic and support fresh P2P servers optimized VPN feature that seamlessly integrates with the Android app and works flawlessly with any chosen server along with Kill Switch.

· Windows: PureVPN’s P2P optimized VPN network functionality for Windows that faultlessly works when you’re connected to the network.

· Firestick: Make use of the P2P feature on our VPN when you’re using Firestick on any server.

· Mac: PureVPN’s P2P Optimized VPN server is optimized for Mac, giving Mac users a sense of security when they’re connected to the VPN.

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