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Being a promising VPN technique, SSL VPN has been gaining the popularity and recognition very rapidly. Compared with the conventional IPSec VPN, SSL VPN is a improved solution for the remote access of mobile users, while IPSec VPN is more suitable for the connection between networks (gateways). For this reason, both of these two techniques will share the commercial market in the predictable future.

Solid IPSec VPN technology to help them fulfill their needs of Online Security.

Security and Defense solution which integrates the function of hi evaluation firewall, IPSec VPN, and or intrusion - interruption prevention (IPS).

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is a suite of protocols that are used to secure IP communications. IPSec involves both key exchanges and tunnel encryption. You can think of IPSec as a framework for implementing security. When creating an IPSec VPN, you can choose from a variety of security technologies to implement the tunnel.

What is IPSec VPN?

Virtual private network (VPN) uses numerous security protocols like IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, etc, for providing online security. As internet is becoming more and more important in our daily life, issues of online security are also becoming important. Still there are numerous online users who don’t think much of getting online security as they are of the view that what would anybody do by hacking their information. But the fact remains that your online data is at a great risk of being snooped especially if it involves financial details.

VPN is the best available tool for protecting yourself against online frauds and snoops. Decidedly there are numerous other tools people use for protection such as anti-virus software, firewalls, etc, but they can only secure your information and data present in your system against threats coming from internet. Even tools like proxy servers and IP-hiding software cannot give foolproof security as provided by VPN. On subscribing to IPSec VPN connection, your system is connected to a remote tunnel through a tunnel using IPSec security protocol. The protocol secures all information moving through the tunnel.

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IPsec VPN is a dual approach, security scheme operating at the Internet Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite or OSI model Layer 3. IPsec can be used for defending and shielding any application traffic or interchange across the Internet or any private network. Applications need not be specifically designed to use IPsec. The IPsec suite is a framework of open standards.

IPsec can be used for improving security in the organization.

IPSec VPN- Effective Technology for Online Protection

When you are browsing online, there is always the likelihood of your data being intercepted and compromised. As said above, there are numerous tools available in the market for online protection but none matches the comprehensive security provided by IPSec VPN. While browsing online, your computer is known by the IP address by virtue of which it is able to communicate with all other computers online. The very same IP address can be read by websites you visit and other online fraudsters and snoopers to gather your information and online browsing history. Information so collected can be sold to online marketing companies and can also be used to your detriment.

While anti-virus software and firewalls are good enough only to protect data and information saved in your system but it cannot do much when information travels through cyberspace. There are tools like proxy servers and IP-hiding software which are used for online protection but are not good enough for providing fool-proof online security. Talking of online security, there is no better option than installing IPSec VPN. By using the best security protocols, it enables users to browse without any fear of being snooped or watched. It accomplishes safety of your information by creating a secure tunnel between your system and a remote server located in another country. No data is allowed inside the tunnel until it is properly encrypted.

IPSec VPN also provides another layer of protection by assigning you a new IP address generated from a remote server instead of your real IP address. When you browse online using the generated IP address, nobody will know your real identity. So, there is no danger if websites or snoopers harvest your details because those details will be that of the server not yours. In other words, you will get to enjoy anonymous browsing.

IPSec VPN –A Handy Tool for Users in Internet Censoring Countries

Online security aside, IPSec VPN is very useful tool for people living in countries which impose restrictions on the access of their citizens to internet. Decidedly, it is repression of freedom of expression but it remains a fact of life in countries like China, Kuwait, Syria, etc. It is quite a deplorable situation when you cannot access websites like facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. However, there is way out of this conundrum for users. They can subscribe the services of IPSec VPN to bypass the restrictions imposed by local firewalls to enjoy access to popular websites.

Expats Can Enjoy Their Popular TV Shows by Subscribing to VPN

Expats living overseas can watch their favorite TV shows by getting an IPSec VPN. Living in distant lands away from your familiar culture make you yearn for TV programs and movies from home but sites streaming such content are geo-restricted. There is no denying that such restriction are against the free nature of internet but you have got an option to bypass the geo-restriction by using IPSec VPN services.

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